Horoscope for October 26 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 26 by Russell Grant


Being willing to talk will create a more relaxed atmosphere within the team. You have had many things on your mind that you have not wanted to share with others. Recent uncertainties on a private matter will be based on nothing more than a misunderstanding.


Reducing social obligations will bring change in your home and family life. You have begun to see many situations from new perspectives and this opens the way to new future possibilities. Close relationships will begin to improve as you let go of the worries and tensions of the past few weeks.


Discussions are ongoing. You feel that someone is deliberately withholding information. You may not have wanted to go that deep, but when you volunteer to help unravel a tangled web of fraud, you'll admit it won't be easy.

The crab

Creating a monthly household budget is strongly advised. Be prepared to cut some expenses. Even if it means being brutal with your leisure spending or canceling a trip, for your own peace of mind, you need to get your spending under control.


Acting on impulse will make you regret it later. Consider carefully whether or not entering into a legal contract is right for you. Small clauses that can have big consequences may escape your attention. Tread carefully in financial and career matters.


Getting stuck behind routine tasks can make you anxious. You'll feel more relaxed after stocking the pantry, tidying the house and doing the laundry. You might also be surprised at how much personal stuff has piled up in your workplace.


The money is being spent as fast as it is coming in. Financial matters are at the top of your priority list. It doesn't matter if this isn't your favorite way to spend your time, you need to work out a better budget and stick to it.


Whether you are selling property, relocating to another area or making some home improvements, the Universe will respond to your hopes and wishes. Be confident that you will be given everything you need exactly at the right time you need it. Sagittarius

Keep pushing yourself to your limits and you will be pleased with the progress made. You are determined to push a project across the finish line. This can mean taking the bull by the horns and forcing your way through any obstacles and problems.


A team project isn't working for you. It is increasingly impossible to find a common language with small people, motivated by selfish motives. You are starting to look at your life from an objective perspective.


The fastest way to escape boredom is to choose activities that stimulate your intellect. Finding creative solutions to problems will be more fun than sticking to your usual routines. People will feel motivated to work harder as they are encouraged to experiment with new and different methods and techniques.


Ignore anyone who is overly critical or tries to influence you in any way. You are tempted to try something completely new. If you are being accused of being impulsive, remind people of the time when you had restraint.