Horoscope for May 26 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 26 by Russell Grant


A close friend will get involved in a scandalous situation. You know that they are innocent of what they are accused of and you, whether asked or not, feel pushed to talk about them. You may lose some friends, but at least now you know who in your life can not be trusted.


A family member is being shown to be very extravagant in his plans. You feel nervous about their recent actions and can not support their current ideas. An argument will make them remind you that you are not perfect.


Conversations heat up very quickly and you want to avoid this. Correspondence and work that involves no one but you will be the areas you are aiming for. There are a number of possibilities for the future, but you will not want to discuss your plans until you have the opportunity to consider them further.


A team effort has gone well and made some significant progress. You have reached the point where you can move on to the next stage. Suddenly you may notice a change in communication within the team when a conflict of interest begins to hinder progress.


There are times when you are not sure where you are. You are also facing situations you have never experienced before. New responsibilities will make it clear that other people respect and value your skills.


A friend who has always been close to you in the past will not disappoint you. Believe that if someone says they will do something for you, they will do it. Just because some people are not keeping you up to date with everything that is happening, does not mean that they are not getting results. Be patient and you may be surprised.


You have no problem following other people's examples, but today you are the one who can see how to achieve results. You know it's wise to do some tasks in a slow and methodical way, instead of paying too much attention to colleagues.


Someone from your past will come back. They have something to tell you and they know you will enjoy listening to it. Because of this, you may have to postpone some deals, but it will not be a hassle to spend an afternoon out for fun.


There is a way to avoid disappointment in most areas and this is done by being willing to keep your options open. The irritation will come from a determination to stick to the original plans as at this point everything will seem to be going wrong. Flexibility will make the day easier.


Your work or money situation is starting to show signs of improvement. A partner or relative will help you. If you are able to give someone advice, think carefully about how to express it.


Sometimes you just have to seize the moment. Your instincts are there and do not leave opportunities untapped. No doubt with guilt you will wonder if it was right to act on impulse. Trust your intuition.


From the look on someone's face you can feel that he immediately regrets the words he says. Others are not so sensitive and their harsh words can spark a debate. Do your best to lighten the atmosphere by suggesting everyone take some time to calm down.