Horoscope for January 26 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 26 by Russell Grant


A friend or partner will change their mind about plans already made and this is not the first time it has happened. After agreeing to alternative arrangements, if they back out again, turn around and walk away. You cannot stay in a relationship that makes you feel miserable.


There are many things to talk about during a business meeting. For various reasons, some plans have been postponed. You may feel that this was to the advantage of a colleague and some issues need to be discussed now as a priority.


It's hard to feel confident experimenting with anything new when some people expect you to fail before you've even started. Your enthusiasm for new ideas is not shared by a friend or colleague. Whenever you suggest something, they try to demoralize you. All you will get is discouragement.

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Do you enjoy helping with charity and community projects, but is it too much for you? Some people are relying heavily on you now, to help when there are no other volunteers. You will be justified if you make a decision to reduce outdoor activities.


Wear something sophisticated for meetings and interviews. Don't be tempted to underestimate your abilities. Let people know about your past accomplishments and you'll make more progress. You can win people over with your charming personality and persuasive words.


You will be pleased with your partner's achievements. They will announce today that they have something to celebrate and you will want to share this news with your family. Are you single? Don't walk away from someone you're getting to know. It may be the right one.


Someone will try to convince you not to follow your instincts. They may like you following their ideas, but not you. You must stand your ground and insist, if possible, on getting your way.


Someone in the family will have new ideas for a home improvement project. You will want to discuss these and think about them further before agreeing to their suggestions. It is important to consider whether it will be worth the cost before starting a new job.


A new friend or romantic partner is showing a possessive side that makes you uncomfortable. If they are trying to control you or act like they own you, they will find that you are not a person who can be easily manipulated.


There is a lot of literature to read before making an important business decision. A number of colleagues are throwing everything into what is turning into a professional competition. You want to see a proper plan that addresses issues that involve all of you.


If people communicated with each other more honestly, there would be more harmony in the workplace. Increasing tension between colleagues makes you prefer to work from home. It's becoming increasingly apparent that a colleague you once trusted is a two-faced liar.


You and your partner have struggled to get some time for yourself. You feel that you are falling apart because of work and other outside responsibilities. Provided you're both willing to work on it, you can improve your relationship. You must sneak into a private hideout.