Horoscope for October 25 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 25 by Russell Grant


Even if you can't keep up with everyone in your group, you're still a valuable asset to the team. Focus on your obligations and fulfill them to the best of your ability. Rivalry should be put aside for a few days. What is important now is to move the group forward.


You will notice a positive change in relationships that have been controversial recently. An internal matter will be put on the line. A job is completed successfully and it will be all thanks to your efforts and determination.


Enrollment for a course may lead to a longer series of classes. Not only will you expand your social circle, but you will also develop your creative leisure interests. Apply to a college or university if you've been thinking about adding to your skills or qualifications.

The crab

Still uncomfortable with a difficult, ongoing situation. The comments you are hearing will make you tense and nervous. You will feel like you are swimming in the deep. The sooner you get yourself into calmer waters, the better.


Family matters worry you. You are unable to take your mind off some complicated relationships. The sooner these are put aside, the better. You may also find sleep a lifesaver. When you're tense, nervous, and less careful than usual, you have to work twice as hard to avoid mistakes.


Whether you're dealing with it or just overthinking a problem that needs to be solved, demands from those around you are keeping you busy.


Financial discussions with your partner will give you motivation for thoughts. Their perspective on this field will surprise you. Although they've kept quiet about it up to this point, they'll now have a helpful idea or two to share with you. You wish they had spoken sooner.


Problems will be handled faster, more efficiently and more successfully when you work with your colleagues as an operational team. A group effort is exactly what is needed to achieve a common goal. Treat yourself to some luxury this evening.


If you join a group, it will be because you deeply believe in its value. Health, environmental and political causes will have great appeal. Whatever goals you set for yourself today, nothing is likely to stand in your way.


Refuse to immerse yourself in a hostile situation. Someone who is deliberately pushing you on a social media site should be blocked. Getting into an argument will only upset and anger you. Instead of taking someone's critical comments personally, rise above the fray.


Friends and relatives expect you to participate in activities they are excited about when in fact you don't. The jobs you agreed to do make you feel miserable and you might wish you hadn't made those promises. Especially when you think about the fun you can have elsewhere.


It doesn't matter if you're struggling with a task or trying to develop a new skill. The more you practice your craft, the better you will become. What is important is that you are willing to persevere until you get results.