Horoscope for October 25 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 25 by Russell Grant


Friends are willing to say a kind word to you. Do not feel guilty about getting any help they can offer you. New career doors will open for you. Success at this time depends more on who you are and not on what you know.


A community effort, a good cause or fundraiser will attract your interest. Go out of your way to find out how you can help those who need you. Group activities will put you in touch with a lot of people. If you are single, a new relationship will color your future with lots of romantic moments.


Life experience is an excellent teacher. You are always curious to learn more and there are many things to learn. Others around you may not pay attention, but you are willing to observe and learn. Discussing your interests will make you more sensitive to inner needs and desires.


Channel your energy into creative and constructive goals. You are getting tired of the same old routines. You are bored visiting the same places and meeting the same faces. What you need is a goal. Use your creative imagination to come up with ideas and improve your fortune.


Some recent challenges and difficulties are almost over. Refuse to worry about whether or not you have made the right decisions. Do not let the events of the past occupy your mind. Your future looks brighter and much more promising. So do not worry about what happened yesterday and look ahead.


You may be persuaded to accept an exciting offer, but someone may not tell you all the facts. Before you take any risks, are you sure things are in your favor? A talented person will make a job seem easy.


Everything is moving in the right direction. Just make sure you keep an eye on important issues. The big decisions you have to make need a reasonable approach. A money or property deal will go as you hoped.


You may need a sponsor before joining a competitive sport. Significant assistance will be provided by a local business. It is your advantage to have someone speak on your behalf in these types of situations. You have worked hard and earned the right to ask someone not to take over your job and your name.


A team effort is almost coming to an end. Don’t be surprised if others are asking if you are as exhausted as they are. You are in this together and may suffer all temporarily, but it will be worth it for the ultimate achievement. You are too strong.


Beware of a tendency to become obsessed with a certain goal enough to lose what life has to offer. You are determined, ambitious and ready to succeed.


Keep your emotions at bay when you think of a risky venture. It does not matter if you are in danger, money, a relationship or your personal happiness, you have to calculate everything. Have you ever wondered what you can lose and what you can gain?


You have strong feelings about a situation and would like these to be taken more seriously by your partner and family. A strange experience will make you think. You probably did not realize how intuitive you can be.