Horoscope for November 25 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 25 by Russell Grant


A team effort that looked like it was going to be canceled once it started to come to life. It may look a little different this year compared to previous years, but it will happen. People will be excited that this event is back and you will enjoy talking to those who are helping to organize everything.


You need to be more confident in relationships. Someone seems to think they can make decisions and make choices for you. You always find yourself forced to go along with their ideas while you are silent. Discuss this with them and find ways to balance.


A premonition will work in your favor and the positive results you see from it will follow you throughout the day. Unexpected work developments will inspire and open you up to the right amount of enthusiasm to make enough progress.


A family quarrel will soon be forgotten. Someone had to discuss something. Although their words will bother you, it will not hurt your relationship. You love each other and will find a way to leave behind this misunderstanding. Meanwhile, curb your overly active imagination.


Increasing social activities will keep you going. In addition, you have a lot to do in other areas. If you are single you will not be immune to someone's charm.


You may not be happy with someone's behavior, but it may be necessary to reduce your criticism. You can inadvertently hurt someone at the weak point. If you realize you have hurt him, hurry to admit that you were a little too harsh in what you said and this should help settle things between you.


A relative is trying to prove himself in some way. They can only do this by being more independent. Although you would like to help with a project they are working on, they will not thank you for it. Retreat for a short time and let those close to you manage themselves.


You will make the most of every opportunity that comes your way to put into action your innate abilities. Since you want to move forward with a goal, you may need to pull out of a group project that is taking a lot of your time and energy.


Your quiet company makes it easier for people to share their problems with you. Someone you work with is worried about something and it will be a burden if they can discuss this with you. You may not really want to listen, but you will. They need to lift the weight that weighs on their chests.


Traveling and getting away from your usual environment will help you a lot to relax. Just being able to enjoy the changing environment and reflect on recent events from a distance will help you look at everything in perspective. You will be speechless when you hear that you have won an award.


You will have no problem getting a leadership role of a group project. Friends are happy to rely on you. They know they can count on you to help get things done. There will come a time when you need to encourage some people to take on more responsibilities.


It is difficult not to show resentment or bitterness when someone tries to interfere in your affairs. You understand that they are trying to help, but you would rather stay away from that. Even though you feel upset about their intervention, you will eventually admit that without them you could have made a costly mistake.