Horoscope for January 25 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 25 by Russell Grant


Someone who is trying to keep up with you. He'll want you to slow him down and let him breathe. You may feel energized, but you also need to think about the needs of those around you. You may be drawn from the urge to move forward.


A mess will need your immediate attention. This is a situation you have never been in before. If you are not sure how to handle it, seek professional advice. This makes more sense than taking unnecessary risks.


Someone not paying attention will cause an accident. A campaign being planned will be welcomed by the public. The measures suggested to be put in place will help people think in a different way.

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Recent conversations will have paved the way for you to take advantage of an exciting opportunity. Joining some creative people will inspire you. Shared enthusiasm will keep activities moving at a brisk pace. A group effort will be successful.


Share your ideas with anyone who will listen. People are starting to sit up and take notice of what you are saying. You have a charm and your words are persuasive. You will get a lot of support from people who are high up in the hierarchy.


You are very clear about your ideas and people respect that. They want to know your thoughts and you will have no problem communicating your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughtful response to someone's expressed anxieties will put their mind at ease.


It is important to mitigate planned actions by a business rival to protect your professional interests. You have a lot of support for your ideas. Important decisions will be made with someone with whom you work closely and in harmony.


A friend is looking for a way to return the favor. However, if someone has suggested that you take on some of your commitments to make your life easier, it would still be advisable to regularly take an interest in what they are doing.


Someone will call you a genius when you have some great suggestions to get a group project going. This will be a great boost to your ego when lately it may have felt like you were putting in a lot of time and effort without acknowledgment or appreciation from others.


A relative will appear to be exaggerating the problems. You know this is to get your attention. If you give them too much of your time, you may need to suggest that they look elsewhere to get the extra support they need.


Your impulse is to offer a younger relative a loan if it helps them solve their problems. You will be inclined to make arrangements that will make them happy. If they don't face the consequences of their actions, they will return to the habits that got them into this mess. Let others solve their own problems.


Most things are going well for you, but this will not prevent you from keeping certain activities a secret. You will be extra careful with someone you feel you cannot trust. There's a reason you're keeping some ideas to yourself. You don't want a rival trying to block your progress.