Horoscope for November 24 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 24 by Russell Grant


Jumping regardless of the consequences is not a good idea, especially if you do not have to think only of yourself. A partner or someone in the family may be upset by your reckless behavior. Is it time to rethink your attitude? Collaborating in emotional relationships is the key to your future success and happiness.


You are starting to feel that some people do not appreciate you. It is up to you to do something about it. You have always been there for someone. You did everything for him. If this person has started to take you for granted, start saying no.


The work you do will put you in touch with someone in the position. You will impress them with your skill and knowledge of many topics. Taking on extra responsibilities will keep you active and there will be a lot of help in your favor if you need it.


You will feel less mentally active in the last few days. At least you will have enough physical energy to compensate for this. Your intuition will not disappoint you. There are some surprises left to wait.


Home is where the heart is. A family matter needs your urgent attention. It is important for you that those you care about know that they can trust you to fulfill your promises and obligations.


You can be critical of yourself and others. At work and play you are often respected and known for the high standards you expect of yourself. However, if someone comes to you to get your opinion on the work they have just done, try not to focus on the mistakes. They hope for encouragement.


You are tempted to insist on doing someone a favor, but it can come back to haunt you. Even though you want to please people and make them happy, you may not be on the right track for it. Someone may not appreciate your help or concern, especially if they have not asked you for help.


Achieving a desire will make you feel like the happiest Scorpio on earth. Close friends will want to celebrate with you. This is a dream that has taken a long time to come true. Friends will want to celebrate this achievement with you.


You have recently started to feel the need for more peace and privacy. You will stay behind the scenes. This gives you a good opportunity to resolve private concerns and important career issues.


Lonely activities, isolation and secrecy are all important to you at the moment. Some people will not understand your reluctance to get involved in friendships and group activities, but you know your priorities and you need to stay in your position. Crowded places will make you feel uncomfortable.


It will be tricky to manage a group project, but you are working with a well-trained team. They will execute this challenge extremely well and it means a lot to you to be a part of it. Many people will be over the cloud for being able to help accomplish a group project. There will be no shortage of volunteers.


You may have to give up spending more time than you previously planned on some jobs. You did not expect a project to be so complicated. It's worth considering the advice and views of a practical friend. This will help you identify problems that may have escaped you.