Horoscope for August 24 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for August 24 by Russell Grant


People will include you in their arguments. They want your opinion and suddenly you will find yourself in the middle of the whole mess. There seems to be no escape, but what you can do is keep your comments neutral. A colleague's ideas will not work. Someone should tell him.


You are in search of inner peace and harmony. A more reflective phase will begin. There is more to life than work and you want to have more time to think about your past, present and future.


Use your knowledge, talents and past experience to remove obstacles in your path. Overcome the difficulties and you will transform your life. If you are trying to learn a language, or take a course of study, now is the right time to start.

The crab

Your boss may make a decision that seems to go against your best interests. Someone will be given a task that you had hoped would be offered to you. Be patient and hide your frustration. Your bosses have something even better in mind for you.


Home and family matters will go smoothly. This will come as a relief when your life has been going through a series of ups and downs lately. There are many different opinions in the workplace and you may need to shout to be heard.


Someone will be surprised when you refuse a request for a favor. You need to do this in order to start looking after your interests and not just theirs. They know you well and know how kind you are, but their demands are becoming a habit.


The people and places you want to revisit may not be who they are or what they once were. If you have to go back in time, be prepared for a little disappointment. Trying to lighten up old and precious memories can destroy the beautiful memories now stored in your mind.


You will happily put aside thoughts of routine, work and commitments when you feel that something more exciting is happening no matter what it is. You are ready to discover more and set out on previously unknown paths.


Your lifestyle is becoming more active and interesting. Don't be surprised if you find yourself mixing with a variety of people of different cultures and ages. Passion grows when you pour your energy into something that really matters to you. A party being organized will be downsized to make it less expensive than originally planned.


You would like to feel free to live out some fantasies, but too many commitments prevent you from having this kind of independence. Furthermore, chasing dreams goes against your innate need for security and stability. You will never be able to risk everything you have built so far.


It's no shame that a team's internal challenges will reflect on its external successes and failures. You're looking for ways to fix issues that threaten to drive people away. You believe in what you are doing and will continue to contribute to a worthy cause.


If it is possible to stay out of politics, that is what you will choose to do. A tension must be reduced in some way if harmony is to be restored in the workplace. Keep your comments neutral as one is sensitive to criticism even when your words are meant to help, not hinder.