Horoscope for January 24 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 24 by Russell Grant


Small arguments at home or at work continue. Follow a tip or a hunch and your business interests will grow. Check out the competition before making big decisions. Play your cards right against your rivals.


A friend seems to care little about the amount he spends on leisure and pleasure. You may have to turn down an offer to entertain when their ideas are likely to cost a fortune. If you can't handle it, be honest and explain.


Plan ahead if you are thinking of embarking on a journey, or an ambitious project. Think about where you would most like to go and what you would like to see. A change of scenery will uplift and inspire you. Once you decide what you want to do, you'll be excited to spread your wings and fly.

The crab

Feel that someone is concerned about the future of a group venture. When they back out of joint deals, you won't be surprised. Having plans is always a plus for you.


Arguing with a friend in public will do you more harm than good. If someone makes a comment about you or posts an embarrassing photo on a social network, politely, privately, ask them to take it down. Refuse to be drawn into an argument. You don't want your reputation tarnished by another person's bad behavior.


Career and outside interests look promising ensuring you focus on what you are doing and avoid distractions. After an important project is finished, you can all treat yourself to a delicious meal.


Working behind the scenes prevents the rival from seeing the progress you are making. They are doing everything in their power to prevent you from succeeding. They are not succeeding because this competitive atmosphere keeps you motivated and focused.


You may feel anxious when circumstances force you to work at a slower pace than you prefer. Instead of letting this get you down, why not use this as a chance to relax, de-stress and take things easy.


Family life will be fun and will bring you a lot of pleasure. You just have to keep an eye on a young person who is troubled.


You haven't planned to put the skills you'd normally keep to yourself to use in a group or fundraising project. However, this is a great opportunity to showcase your talents. People who want to learn will appreciate your expertise.


Progress is frustratingly slow, but you are seeing results and eventually these will be significant. There's so much going on that it's hard to know where you are sometimes. This phase will pass soon. Take your time and you'll get it right.


You can no longer bury your head in the sand. Financial and other practical issues should be discussed and addressed. Someone close will have some sensible ideas and suggestions on how to save in the future.