Horoscope for September 23 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 23 by Russell Grant


A new romance will be very special for both of you. It is a relationship built on respect, society and passion. If you are passionate you are likely to enjoy some intimate and very fun moments.


You deserve success. It took you a long time, but you finally have something to celebrate. The praise that comes for your achievements will be sincerely given. A strange situation can develop when you will need to be flexible with your opinions to allow the implementation of an unusual idea that someone is suggesting.


You are refusing to cling to plans and people that no longer bring you happiness or pleasure. It marks a special turn for you as you adjust to a new understanding of who you are. You will not allow anything or anyone to oppress you and the truth. You will feel much happier about this.


You can succeed if you walk carefully. It would be worthwhile to put extra effort into everything you plan to do and it will be rewarded. A sudden job will need urgent attention. This is your chance to show what you can do.


A recent incident has sparked much speculation. Online and face-to-face conversations will be intriguing when friends come up with some interesting stories. Spending time with friends helps you keep your mind off issues that are not easily resolved. Instead of focusing on what you can not do, think about what you can do.


You may not have understood the difficulties a friend or relative went through until they told you. What is frustrating in this situation is when you realize that you can not offer any help or practical solution. You can see which institutions are available to help them address their problems.


You have done a lot of laps to solve a large number of problems. Discussions are not going anywhere and everyone has their own idea of ??how to approach each issue. The time for action has come. You are ready to take steps to resolve your issues if other people can do nothing but talk about it.


A recent debate was not meant to get out of hand. You feel that a friend is not happy with you and you may wish you had handled the situation more tactfully. It should not be difficult to fix this misunderstanding and you will not be the only one who is happy to correct and forget what happened.


It will be a relief when changes in the workplace begin to be placed in a comfortable routine. You have a lot of responsibilities and this is starting to affect your health. Even if you do not feel well, you will continue. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


You had not realized that someone close to you was beginning to feel that you had taken his friendship for granted. Because they have always been there, you are less appreciative and aware of them. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. If you feel that a friend is unhappy, how can you help change that?


You are on the path to success and happiness. The goals you are working towards now give you a sense of optimism and purpose. Recent attempts to make some improvements in your life show signs of being successful. This will bring some changes and will be changes for the better.


A colleague will change plans at some point. You will do what you are asked to do, but you may not be happy about it. Your goal has been to assign yourself tasks that you thought were most important and it will be frustrating to submit to authority.