Horoscope for April 23 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 23 by Russell Grant


Friends and colleagues ask you for help because you are the best person to lean on. What they do not realize is how much sacrifice you make to do them favors. There has to be a balance of giving and receiving and when that is achieved, you will not mind just helping others.


The advice of someone who is more experienced will help you and will not hinder your progress. Whether in a work or educational setting, it's worth listening to what other people have to say. Are you taking constructive criticism very personally? This can drive you away from people trying to help you.


You do not want to discuss your feelings with a colleague, new friend or partner. This does not mean that you are hiding anything from them. Nor does it mean that you are not honest with them. You do not feel ready to discover everything that is in your heart.


Many people are relying on you. You can not disappoint them by using an impulsive offer or opportunity. As exciting as this may be, you are aware of your obligations. You are annoyed by the insensitivity of the people around you.


A colleague you helped a long time ago is not as cooperative, or as helpful enough. You would love to have their support. His lack of interest will make you question your approach to this relationship. Be careful when you are with a relative who can be very sensitive. You will not want to upset him.


You have been carefully planning your life so that you can give yourself some time needed for the holidays. Other people have not been so organized. You expected to be able to relax, but you may face additional tasks related to your work or family life, which will be annoying.


You have devoted a lot of time in recent months to a special interest. This effort has begun to show results. Be happy with the small steps you are taking towards a beloved goal. You do not worry about the time it takes to achieve this goal. What is important is that you are making progress.


You are spending so much time on a specific project, or task, that you do not realize that everything can be completed very easily. You are close to finalization. If you feel confused about why something is taking too long or why it is going wrong, stop and look. You will get a better view of the whole picture.


Before you make any changes to your lifestyle as you are about to make, you need to evaluate whether you are making these changes for the right reasons. Look around for new opportunities, but do not rush into anything new. Wait a while to be sure that you will continue to feel the same way before committing to anything of a long-term nature.


The atmosphere at home is not what it should be and all this because of someone’s high expectations. A love affair has run into problems while your partner is demanding a lot from you. Real life is not a fairy tale.


You can not ignore strong feelings. Join forces with others who feel the same way and act on them. Encourage new group ideas. One idea will lead to another and a new project will start with surprising ease. Do not be surprised if you are asked to run a campaign.


A business venture with a talented partner will be successful. By giving each other support and encouragement, you will be able to stay focused on your priorities. A support group will be a great help if you suffer from an illness or addiction that requires professional treatment.