Horoscope for March 23 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 23 by Russell Grant


Even if you feel like you've ignored the needs of a loved one, your family is important to you. If you sense that someone is feeling lonely, do everything you can to make them feel loved and safe. A boost of energy later in the day will get you through everything you set out to do and more.


You can visualize current projects and activities soon approaching a great conclusion. Conditions, both at home and at work, are better than they have been in a long time, and your financial future looks more promising. You have many reasons to be satisfied.


No matter where you are, home is where the heart is. There's a person or a place you can't get out of your mind, and until you're sure everything is okay, you won't be able to relax. Expect this to be a busy day as you get caught up in all the ins and outs of the everyday world.

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No matter how exciting a social event, a work meeting or a course can be, know that you should use it to learn something. Agree to meet again to follow up on unfinished tasks. It is how you adapt and deal with unexpected circumstances that enables you to manage them all efficiently and effectively.


You're hoping to convince a partner, best friend or family member to join you on a holiday away from it all. You have gathered all the information you need and will be able to answer any questions you are asked. Do your best.


Advancement comes from taking advantage of social and professional connections. How you carry yourself and the impression you make on others will mark all points on the popularity scale. Don't underestimate your talents. Be yourself.


Your attention is drawn to so-called facts that you have been told are actually nothing but fiction. Through this you will discover who, from your immediate circle, has been charming and friendly towards you simply to achieve a goal they had. Stay alert.


If you are starting a project, as always, you will be determined to start the path you intend to continue. You intend to do everything in the best possible way. No one will be able to accuse you of not taking anything seriously.


Keep your mind in place. Take every opportunity to showcase your talent, especially a special skill you're proud of. Someone you meet at a social or business event will play an important role in the future. An authority figure will give you some advice.


A partner or relative will make an announcement that will prove how strong love bonds can be, regardless of the storms that must be weathered. You are determined to keep your focus on a long-term goal. A problem will be solved. You will get the answers you expect later in the day.


It's not yet time to pitch your ideas to the people whose support you need to make them happen. For now, keep your plans to yourself. Use any delay to think further about your ideas. Any additional planning you put in will improve the chances of these being accepted at a later date.


Some projects and plans need to move at a slow and steady pace. You understand this and that is why you will refuse to let anyone rush these. No matter what you hope to achieve, it will be your ultra-realistic approach that enables you to achieve results.