Horoscope for January 23 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 23 by Russell Grant


A friend or partner's insistence on arguing over every little point is starting to drive you both away. The differences between you are beginning to escalate, and you may wonder if you'll ever find anything you can agree on.


Play a waiting game if you're hoping that someone close to you will open up and reveal their feelings. You have been honest and open about the issues that interest you. They will eventually do the same. The reason for their hesitation is that they are not yet clear in their minds about how they feel and what they plan to do.


A friend with big, bright and extravagant ideas will try to convince you to get involved in a money-making scheme. The initial expenses for this venture will greatly exceed the plans. It would be wise to miss this offer.

The crab

When you think something is going to happen before it happens, that's your intuition preparing you for what's to come. Trust your biases. Going against your gut feelings will only make you anxious and nervous. In matters of relationships, trust your heart more than your mind.


An emotional outburst will destroy your professional reputation. Stay calm if you see or hear something that raises your temper. If a colleague says something to offend you, you don't have to respond loudly or angrily. Let them know you just don't agree.


Sometimes you may wonder why you work so hard when there is so little to show for it. Don't feel obligated to donate money to a good cause when you have bills to pay.


Everything seems to be going wrong. The more effort you put into making things work, the more frustrating it will become. A rival will aggressively push you out of the way in their desire to get ahead. Angry words will put you on the defensive. Don't take the bait.


After you recently surrendered to a friend or loved one to let them have the final say in joint arrangements, now they expect it all the time. Be determined. You must insist, this time, that your ideas are heard. The give and take should be two-way.


Whatever you have to do, you'll roll up your sleeves and get to work. You are sure that you have enough time to do everything you want, but you may not be prepared for a task to be so complicated. What starts as fun can end in frustration.


You have your heart set on a special goal. Taking a holistic approach to this project will help you make good progress. When people see that you will do whatever it takes to get the job done, they will have some helpful suggestions to offer. Advice from an older colleague will help you improve your techniques.


Eating nutritious foods and taking regular breaks will help keep you from feeling exhausted. The responsibilities you are taking on now will be challenging. You want to do your best, but pushing yourself too hard will leave you feeling tired and irritable.


You don't want to rush just to get results. Neither does the team you're working with... A team effort will go awry if everyone isn't encouraged to slow down and be more precise.