Horoscope for October 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 22 by Russell Grant


Joining forces with a competitor will be surprisingly beneficial for both of you. This truce may not last, but it will work well for you today. It will be a surprise when a rival supports your ideas and suggestions. You seem to feel the best methods to deliver impressive results.


A colleague will kindly offer to take over the tasks that normally fall to you. This may be outside of your job description, but it will be a challenge that you are willing to take on. A senior colleague will offer advice worth considering. Learning from more experienced people will be a real pleasure.


You never feel comfortable when a situation or relationship becomes too restrictive. Avoid certain commitments. It's important for an anxious person like you to be able to go outside when you feel like it.

The crab

Everything is happening today. How someone ends up in the winning spot of a contest will baffle many people. However, nothing will take away the victory from them.


Rumors fill the air. Some gossip will be harmless. Some will make you laugh. Others won't be as much fun. Once the conversation turns to someone you care about, you'll feel compelled to stand up for them and dispel these rumors.


You may feel annoyed with a friend who has a habit of changing plans at the last minute. Before you tell them how you feel, listen to them. To your surprise, you may prefer the new plans they suggest instead of those previously made deals.


You don't have to force yourself to follow your usual routines if you feel different today. There will be plenty of reasons to divert your attention from everyday worries. You can also learn something to your advantage by taking an interest in someone else's affairs.


It's time to move on. You have everything you want. Enjoy your achievements. It will do no good to linger where there is no longer any challenge, reward or stimulation.


Once you complete the current obligations you will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It will also be a relief to leave the worries of the past behind. An unexpected proposal will require more thought. Take time to think about some recent events and you will realize that someone has been keeping something secret from you.


After thinking about an idea for a long time, you will come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing something that you have always wanted to do. Once you have worked out what you really want to do, a decision you make will mean changes in the future.


A small quarrel can escalate into something more serious. You've done your best not to get involved and yet somehow you find yourself in the middle of a controversial situation. Choose your words very carefully and the moment you get the chance, ease yourself out of all this controversy.


You have been possessed by a wandering spirit. You just want a change of scenery, or to do something completely different. If you are in a relationship, you can choose to spend precious moments with your significant other, preferably somewhere far away.