Horoscope for September 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 22 by Russell Grant


Awareness and closeness between you and a friend has increased. After a few initial hesitations, you are discovering that you are completely at ease with each other and often find yourself looking forward to being together. If you are single, this could be the beginning of a meaningful romance.


A work-related situation that has caused a great deal of concern and tension seems to be improving. New plans may be delayed, but you have no doubt they will move forward. You feel happier and everyone involved is happy with the progress you are making.


Instead of trying to make a good impression on others, you are ready to be yourself. People should take you for who you are and not for what they expect or want you to be. You have reached a turning point in your life as you feel more confident about your opinions. You are tired of agreeing with other people for the sake of harmony.


You are so responsive to the atmosphere and feelings of other people that you can almost take them as if they were your own. Loneliness should help you to distinguish your emotions from those of others. There may be some difficult moments to deal with later, but these will not cause much concern.


You have been worried about things someone has done lately. They have already agreed to take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Progressing on a creative project will bring you a lot of pleasure and you will have reason to be proud of your efforts.


A team spirit will bring success and satisfaction. Sharing ideas and hopes for the future will create a happy and harmonious atmosphere at home. The good mood of a friend or partner will make you feel positive and enthusiastic about joint activities. Now is a great time to launch a new initiative.


You are tired of the way a friend always seems to think. You will not want to feel like you have been pushed into anything and if an idea does not attract you, you will not accept to implement it. There are activities going on and you will benefit if you are ready to act quickly.


It's not something you should be too excited about, but there may be one or two surprises for you. Also, if you are in the middle of a confusing situation, whether it is at home or at work, you can find a way out.


An important issue on today’s agenda is money. A recent financial transaction has caused you concern. If you are thinking about moving out of the house or selling something of value, it is time to check all the deals and contracts before signing them. An offer or opportunity will come your way and make a dream come true.


A concern about community or environmental issues will get you involved in activities aimed at promoting justice and environmentalism. Not only will you be commended for your work, but you are doing much more than most people. The more constructive and productive you are, the better you will feel.


Covert research can shed light on some valuable information. You may need to discuss financial or tax matters with your accountant or financial advisor. Important meetings will take the form of exams, tests and interviews.


Remember to read those text messages, emails, and phone calls that you may have missed recently. Your humor will show up in any form and it will be your family, friends and other relationships that will inspire you. Art, poetry, music, photography are all ways to express your emotions, creatively.