Horoscope for January 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 22 by Russell Grant


You are working to find ways to bring improvements to your life at home and at work. Very little will prevent you from acting on plans that have until now only existed in your mind. The only way you're likely to be disappointed is when you run out of time to implement all the ideas.


You knew the new methods and procedures weren't going to be as easy as some people were making them out to be. If they had listened to you, it would have saved a lot of time and money. Others are now admitting they were wrong. They may pay more attention to your views next time.


In romance and finance, your instincts will be clear. Your intuition will not be so reliable when it comes to a professional matter. Do you trust the right person? Be careful who you trust.

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A friend will ask for your opinion on a document he is about to sign. They will get confused about some details. The best advice you can give them will be that they should consult a professional.


Your patience in trying to convince a friend or relative to join you on any trip you have in mind will pay off. You will get the answer you wanted and you can start making solid plans. A family member will support your dream and offer you practical help.


Talking in a shop this morning might be helpful. Especially if you stand in the background and just listen to what is being said. You know exactly what you intend to do to achieve a particular goal and no one will stop you. You are willing to take a calculated risk and it makes you feel good.


Lively conversation will fill your day. You'll enjoy some interesting discussions as long as you don't respond when someone brings up a topic that should be left in the past. The evening hours have a lot to offer in the way of pleasure if you are single and looking for love.


A close relationship is changing. You've had a feeling this was going to happen for some time, and now there are signs you were right. Instead of fighting the inevitable, it will be easier to go with the flow. If you manage a work schedule properly, you are pretty much guaranteed to see success soon.


Increasing levels of understanding in close relationships will depend on everyone's willingness to discuss sensitive topics with diplomacy and respect. This will lead to better communication between you and your family members. The evening hours are likely to bring a pleasant surprise. A message will give you something to take seriously.


Jobs that are done regularly can be improved. All you have to do is consider the ideas and suggestions that are being discussed now. You should also think about some plans you have for the future, but you will also have some time to lose yourself in thoughts today.


Life is so busy that you hardly have time to breathe. A friend will accuse you of letting him down because you are putting the needs of your family and partner first. They think you are being selfish, when in fact it is the opposite. Someone is starting to expect a lot from you.


Think about offers and proposals before you rush. There are several good reasons why you should abstain. One is that you have enough money. The other is that you are starting to see good results from recent decisions to better manage your income. You don't want to talk about something you might regret later.