Horoscope for October 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 21 by Russell Grant


You were determined to move forward. This does not seem to be the case when you are most aware of the advantages of working as a team. A business rival is showing some weakness. Your dilemma now is: take advantage or make some concessions?


Someone will cancel plans due to health or transportation difficulties. Let go of all worries and insecurities and it will help you to calm your mind. Leave worries and anxieties aside for a short while. This will help you eventually gain a clearer perspective and find a solution to your current situation.


Focusing on different interests will not only add spice to your life but also entertain others. A relative who needs something to take care of will want to join you. Introducing new activities to your home and family will bring you all joy. Life and relationships get better and better.

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Being anxious will take away your enjoyment of activities that normally bring you pleasure. A close friend will encourage you to find a solution. You will hear something of interest while talking to a neighbor, and it may concern the future of your community.


It is not a day to spend too long on mundane tasks that can be done at any time. You'll wonder how you'll show your appreciation when someone you don't know well offers to do you a favor. They are not asking for gratitude. This gesture will come out of the goodness of their heart. Their kindness will restore your faith in humanity.


The workplace will be more harmonious than usual. It will become clear that because of someone missing, the day was almost stress-free. When you realize how good it feels to not have their energy around, you may decide to make some changes so that you have more control over yourself.


You feel lost because a close friend or relative is behaving strangely. If you find out, you might not like what they have to say. There are reasons to hide your curiosity, including the fact that someone knows something you don't, but they'd rather you didn't find out.


Family gatherings and social events will be more enjoyable than you expect. Spending time with friends will help you forget your problems and troubles for a short time. Someone will make an emotional appeal. If you can help them, you will.


Be honest in both social and professional relationships. That way, you won't have to rack your brain in the future to remember what you said and who you said it to. Trying to bluff someone in a situation is not a good idea. Admit it when you're not sure. No one will look down on you because of it.


Constantly analyzing issues that cannot be resolved immediately, or issues that cause strife, is mentally and emotionally draining. You need to push the worries you are becoming obsessed with to the back of your mind. You will find the answers you seek another day. For now, find a way to relax.


If you have been feeling weak, you may want to consider changing your eating habits. Instead of eating three large meals a day, you may prefer to eat smaller portions at shorter intervals. Devoting more time to a hobby will be rewarding. A good time for new beginnings that are likely to bring improvements in your life.


Stimulating your wild imagination will result in creative fun. Sharing hobbies with like-minded others will rebuild your confidence. Friends will enjoy your company as they see a side they don't often see. Quarrels expected from a partner or relative will not surface.