Horoscope for October 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 21 by Russell Grant


Sports and recreational activities make you feel fit and active. If you are looking for a way to burn off excess physical energy, this would be a great time to create a new workout routine. Are you ready to take certain steps, to improve your health and appearance.


Mentally, you feel brighter than you were before. You are also full of energy. Since you feel so good, think about what steps you can take. One idea might be to avoid making too many commitments as you do not want to be overwhelmed with them all.


You had thought that a relative had forgotten a promise he made recently. You have begun to doubt someone’s loyalty, but something you will see or hear will restore your confidence in this friendship.


Work and commitments at home are keeping you extremely busy. There are a lot of things going on and that is why you will be looking for some time just this evening in order to think about future engagements that came up during the discussions. You need to consider these carefully before deciding what you want to do.


Nerves can be a problem when you have taken on an important task and you do not want to disappoint anyone. The calmer you stay, the better your performance will be. An invitation to a job interview can spur a trip to the stores to buy a new outfit. Choose clothes that brighten your image and make you feel more confident.


Be very careful in financial relationships especially in those involving clients you have not dealt with before. Look for possible pitfalls and be careful who you trust. Care is recommended in business. Early events can make you a little tense and nervous, but after noon you should be able to relax again.


Cutting ties is never easy, but there are people and places of the past that need to be left behind in order to start new experiences. There is likely to be some form of separation, regardless of whether it relates to a relationship or a job position. There are times when you have to leave to grow up.


An appointment about your job or an educational issue can make you feel confused and insecure. A colleague who is above you in the hierarchy is causing tension in the workplace with his indecision. If you think there is something you have misunderstood, contact the people in question again and ask for a more detailed explanation.


Relationships are much more harmonious than they have been recently. You and your partner are getting closer to each other. It may be time to give your partner a present. Some recent speculation seems to be popping up now.


You are not sure if you will laugh or feel sorry for someone who has prematurely boasted of his successes. Today will receive news that will cause you disappointment. They will try to hide their feelings.


An older relative may be involved in issues that are causing him or her anxiety and confusion. You are angry that someone has taken advantage of his lack of experience with technology and thus forced you to do something that actually belonged to them.


Frustrations and difficulties will continue to appear even if you had thought that a job you had planned to do today would not be much of a problem. Do not take new initiatives and tasks at least today. Deal with what you know how they work.