Horoscope for February 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 21 by Russell Grant


When in doubt, keep your thoughts to yourself. Try to understand when it might be better to refrain from expressing all the details of a situation. What you don't say will be as important as what you say today. Discretion is required in all communications. Be especially careful about what you discover on social media.


In terms of health, you should prevent instead of trying to cure once a disease strikes you. If the pressure of work has started to affect your health, one way to avoid stress-related illnesses would be to reduce your workload now rather than later, because later is likely to be too late.


It will be through mixing with other people that you will find the best opportunities to learn and grow. Don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to someone who can help you with your main goals. Seeing the right people will get you to the places you want to be.

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Avoid people who like to gossip. Someone is spreading wrong information. Refuse to participate in small talk and gossip as the last thing you want to do is hurt an innocent party. You have a lot to do. Focus on work and other responsibilities.


You are preparing to thank a senior colleague who is leaving, or retiring, for his service. Several conversations and interviews will decide the future of your career. If the topic hasn't come up yet, ask some specific questions about your promotion prospects.


You may question a senior colleague's approach to dealing with problems. There will be some matters that they seem to prefer to deal with quietly and privately rather than publicly. Although their methods may seem inconsistent, they work and that's what really matters.


Speak up if you feel you are being hurt. Some people may not realize how much they have asked of you. It's up to you to make them aware of it, and once you do, they can no longer remain blissfully ignorant.


There is no sweet coating to a terrible situation. It started on a negative note and what followed looks equally bleak. Someone with very little to do and a lot of time on their hands has caused trouble just for fun. To avoid any other problems, you should remove this person from your life as soon as possible.


News received early in the day will make you spend the whole day under stress. What you will hear will boost your confidence and make you feel like everything is going your way. You have a serious decision to make and you are aware that someone in the background has their eyes on you. This is your chance to impress.


Something has to change. Procedures that worked in the past are not working now. People in power should take a serious look at the policies and accept the need to update them. A last-minute emergency may bring about this need.


No time wasted arguing about how to fill your time. The people who are with you will completely agree on what you will all do. Friends and partners will be happy to accept your suggestions. Some financial benefits are within your grasp.


They may not pay off immediately, but efforts made in the workplace will have long-term consequences. You know where you are going. You have set strong goals. Your prestige at work is high.