Horoscope for April 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 21 by Russell Grant


Are you worried that you did or said something that someone did not expect from you? Anxiety is the cause of your sleepless nights. Staying in the shade seems to be the best way to avoid drawing attention to yourself.


Put yourself first to make a difference. This is a good time to promote your interests. Let people know what you plan and aim for. Your organized way of thinking will bring progress and success in professional affairs. You are aware of what other people are planning, but your goals are also important.


It takes time for things to change radically. Instead of waiting to see what happens, explore new and different opportunities that you may want to take advantage of in the future.


It is difficult to know who is wrong and who is right in a controversial situation. A person will convince you that he knows what he is talking about. If you are confused, give yourself more time to think about what you have heard.


Are you willing to consider a second job if this will offer you more money to achieve luxury. It's a great time to hone your skills. Expanding your technical skills will improve your career prospects. The specialized knowledge you have already gained will give you an edge in a competition.


Not approving someone will not stop you. The more someone tries to persuade you not to move forward with the plans you make, the more you will dig. If someone criticizes your ideas you will not take it seriously. You have thought well of them and know that your plans are realistic and practical.


You are upset with yourself because you are easily drawn to someone’s charm. A long conversation with an elderly relative will lead to an in-depth analysis of your insecurities. This is a lesson you do not want to repeat.


A friend will leave you in the lurch when you need support. He seems to have forgotten how important the deal you made is. It seems that your friendship is not as important to him as you thought it was. Someone you know much less will offer to give you the help you need.


A business trip can lead to a completely unexpected personal opportunity. When someone makes you an interesting offer, do not let it get out of hand. It would help to have more information before making an important decision. Reach out to a friend who can provide the help, advice, or facts you need.


You will welcome the chance to meet new people and enjoy a change of environment. Joining forces with others in a community or fundraising activity will bring out the best in you. Sharing skills and resources is a recipe for success.


People around you get tired of being limited. They are looking to expand their professional opportunities. New restrictions or rules set in the workplace will be justified. However it will create tension in you and colleagues.


You are beginning to wonder if anyone has the right to use his power in a way that causes boredom and confusion. Feel angry because they keep making changes to suit themselves. You do not want to be forced to accept their offers and do things their way. You may even be tempted to challenge their authority.