Horoscope for November 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 21 by Russell Grant


You are beginning to see results and rewards from the actions you have recently taken to bring about improvements in your life. Now you will feel that you can easily take on new tasks and this new confidence will help you in all situations.


The look on your boss or a team leader's face will make you hesitate to approach them. You have something important to discuss, but you may decide it would be better to wait until they are in the mood.


You are determined to make the most of your time and skills. Others may wonder what keeps you going as you seem to jump from one activity straight to the next without taking a breath. Even when you encounter obstacles, you will keep moving forward.

The crab

Things haven't been perfect between you and your partner lately, but you don't want to break up. By at least making an effort to work out what is causing the problems between you, there is hope that you will find a way to heal this relationship.


Solve small household issues as soon as possible. If you are tempted to put off an important repair, it will cause further delays and frustration. Family and household problems that require your attention can become a major financial concern if left for too long.


Someone will ask for your honest opinion. Give a true answer. A powerful executive who values ​​your integrity will offer you a position in his company. Even if you weren't thinking of changing jobs, this is an offer you might not want to turn down.


Even a social butterfly like you needs to rest its wings. As your social life begins to slow down, your finances will begin to look healthier. Embrace this opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your tired body. Fill your time with leisurely activities that bring you pleasure.


You may be reluctant to say anything when someone who always ignores your advice asks for your opinion again. They will continue and eventually you will say something whether they hear or not.


Whether it's about your future, a relationship, or work, there's something on your mind that would benefit from some quiet contemplation. Once you have had the opportunity to think without any distraction or interference from others, a vague idea will become perfectly clear.


Any contest that includes questions about what's going on in the world will be worth entering. You may be lucky. Also, your general knowledge and wisdom will come in handy in settling a dispute between your friends or family members.


Be charming and diplomatic even when you like to be the opposite. It will take patience with a friend or relative who is going through a difficult relationship. Prepare a delicious meal, or offer to run errands for them, to let them know you care.


The actions of those close to you may seem unreasonable or childish, but it may be that they sense your need for something different, so they are trying to suggest activities that can calm your restless energy.