Horoscope for March 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 21 by Russell Grant


Someone will steal your ideas and act on them before you can move on. Not only that, but they'll get praise from their boss for their unique contribution when that recognition should actually be for you. Make sure you don't share your thoughts with the wrong person.


A message will not make any sense to you. No matter how many times you read it, you'll still be left wondering what it means. A rush job won't be half the hassle you expected. You will go through everything without much trouble.


A difficult situation during the day will highlight the need to look at your lifestyle. You are inclined to move on and get some work out of the way. Don't forget to take regular breaks and remind yourself that you need to eat healthy too.

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Your financial situation is improving. You have secretly made plans for the future. Now you know how you can pay these. One person in particular will have a lot of influence on the success or failure of your suggestions.


You have worked hard planning and preparing for a new venture. You are in no rush to accomplish what you set out to do

self purpose. A new chapter in your life will begin.


Your boss or a senior colleague owes you a favor. Don't think you're taking advantage of them. They are able to help and you have done a lot for them in the past.


The people you are working with seem slow to get into the swing of things as a new project begins. Resist the urge to complain, or show your impatience. This is one of those cases where the best results will be achieved at the right time.


No matter where you are or what you are doing, you are in tune with your emotions. Not everyone will understand why you feel so emotional. They will not know what you want from them. Others are happy to be themselves when they are with you as you meet on the same emotional wavelength.


Expect to take on more responsibility within a group that is designed to help others in need. There will be nothing better than spending time with positive and cheerful people who are equally dedicated to a worthy cause.


Business and financial matters require all the Capricorn's common sense, care and practicality. Be sure to rely on your own judgment even if someone close to you asks you to change your mind about how you plan to spend your money now, or in the near future.


You tend to share your thoughts, as family conversations and online discussions inspire your imagination. This seems like the perfect time for you to launch a new product, project or service. Sometimes it is impossible to contain the enthusiasm.


Your skills will be appreciated in a neighborhood, club or charity. Someone will encourage you to join a team that is looking for sponsors for a local charity. Even if that means you have to rearrange some of your plans to attend, don't let that stop you from getting involved.