Horoscope for July 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for July 21 by Russell Grant


Memories or conversations can turn your thoughts into issues that make you feel a little sad. When that happens, do not think too much about what is going wrong. Instead, try to focus on your blessings. Make a to-do list at the beginning of each day and remind yourself why you want to get out of a negative cycle.


Secure the home well if you have pets. Be careful about advertising a new service. Competitors will copy your work. A short trip may not go as expected and you may wonder if it is worth the hassle. A visit will be interrupted when someone has made other plans in their mind.


The tension between you and your partner cannot be ignored. Worries are occupying your mind. These can lead to hidden suspicions that will damage a close relationship not to mention your health. Do not keep everything inside. Talking about feelings does you good.


Although many areas of your life are going well, there is no denying that there is something that will make you feel bad. You have to deal with everything that makes you feel that way. If you are afraid of the future, talk to someone who knows you well. It is likely that a recent difficult event has affected you more than you realize.


A friend you live with will suggest you join forces to get to the top of some overlooked tasks. You will not be able to agree to this. You have a great desire for excitement and are looking for something new. Routine work no longer attracts you.


Your versatile, open-minded attitude will attract a brilliant career or study opportunity. Whether it involves online training or attending a seminar, swallow your fears and dive in. Do not worry that you do not have the experience or qualifications to try something new. Learning along the way will be something interesting.


Keep your emotions in check when a quarrel breaks out at home. The angry outburst will upset you, but you will also want to find a compromise, to calm this man down. It will just take patience.


Once you have heard all sides of the story, it will be difficult for you to accept things as they are. If you are not given a chance to express yourself, you will be irritated.


A task at work has reached a complicated stage. You are running out of time for yourself. Even if it was planned to be a job done alone, ask for help. Someone may have misjudged him at first.


Someone is very interested in your personal affairs and the reason why it will be revealed soon. They want to blame you for their problems.


Problems between you and a partner have started to make you feel bad. Consult an expert who will help get this relationship back on track. Do not let irrational thoughts or fears ruin something good. Planned home changes will be delayed, but not through your fault.


You may be surprised when someone withdraws from a team effort. Suddenly everything will start moving forward faster. You will be able to continue without the help and support of these people and you will realize that the negativity they conveyed caused you obstacles.