Horoscope for October 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 20 by Russell Grant


The proposals that have been made and continue to be made seem exciting. Someone is pushing you for an answer. You need to learn more before answering. You also need to be practical and keep both feet firmly planted on the ground.


You can rely on your family to find the best ideas. When you can't seem to find a solution, those around you will help you make up for it as they share their thoughts and suggestions. In business, continue to be wary of someone with excessive charm.


If you hesitate to accept an unusual offer, ask yourself: what is preventing you from doing so? If this is something you would really like to do, grab this chance with both hands. In business, you will meet someone about whom you have heard a lot from others, but you have not yet met.

The crab

You've been holding back lately, unsure of whether or not to share your feelings. Now it makes more sense to be honest with others. In this way, you will understand that you are honest with yourself and with those with whom you spend the most time. A platonic friendship can be established on a more intimate basis if that is what you both really want.


The ambitious side of your nature is ignited. You feel even more determined than before to achieve a goal that someone tells you is beyond your reach. It doesn't matter how many hours you have to spend to achieve this goal, you are determined to prove that you can do it.


A colleague's mind is not clear at work. Work won't go as planned, but you're making reasonable progress, and that's important. You will feel that some people have personal problems that they do not want to discuss.


You cannot rely on a family member or colleague to make good decisions. They have made some mistakes recently and will be happy for you to make some choices for them. New developments in your neighborhood will pique your interest. A friend will want to join you in something you'd rather do yourself.


The opportunity to gain some valuable job skills will make you happy. Besides enjoying the challenge of learning a difficult technique, you will also enjoy mixing with different people.


A test of loyalty is standing by someone through good times and bad. You may feel compelled to cancel some social agreements to please a partner. Going above and beyond the call of duty for a friend will pave the way for a better relationship. There are a number of ways to overcome misunderstandings.


A relative who is careless with his money keeps coming to you for loans. You get frustrated giving them money when it never comes back. You cannot finance another person's extravagant lifestyle. If you can afford it, better buy for yourself.


The costs of membership in an exclusive club or professional organization are rising. You are beginning to feel that the expenses are not worth what you are getting from them. You are increasingly frustrated with the way some people take you for granted, piling more on your shoulders as the days go by.


Teamwork inspires your imagination. Sharing views and ideas will be stimulating and exciting. You may remember a dream you haven't thought about in years. It's not too late to pursue goals that you once had to put aside because of other commitments.