Horoscope for October 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 20 by Russell Grant


Do not give in to the search for an answer to a financial problem that worries you. The truth is looking you in the face, but you did not want to believe that. You are taking everything very seriously, but it can make you feel very hurt and anxious to enjoy a meeting that is being organized tonight.


Messages are confusing and you may even wonder if you would receive a text message from someone you hardly know. Someone will try to help you decipher the information. You can make a difference, but if that's not possible, spend at least part of your time doing something more creative.


You are bored with the activities you do every day. Routine issues are wasting energy that you would rather spend elsewhere. There is a feeling that something is missing in your life, but you can not feel sorry for yourself all the time. Other people can feel the same way, so at least be willing to go about your business.


You have no energy to complete tasks that were supposed to have been completed by now. It would be nice if someone would volunteer to take some responsibility off your shoulders. People will understand your lack of interest, but there is a limit, so do not take anyone's help for granted.


An email or phone call will come as a surprise. It will take some time to get used to the news you hear. Someone who has never liked you will announce that he is leaving the area. You will do your best not to show your relief.


A colleague will surprise you by suggesting you avoid some work. Ignore his irresponsible advice. If things go wrong, they are unlikely to take responsibility. In fact, they will deny that they were the ones who suggested what to do.


You will effectively manage what is expected of you and you will get where you want. There is a need for people like you in every society. This is why you are happy to accept a friend's offer to join a reading group or an art, craft or photography class.


Those with whom you live and work will generally be cooperative. If you feel the need to postpone plans made in advance, others will know that you have a good excuse for doing so. If you ask for help, there is someone who will offer to help you.


Your thoughts are everywhere and your energy is towards the end. Sometimes you will feel full of energy and then suddenly you will feel lazy. You should have no problem coping with your usual responsibilities when much of what you are doing can be done with your eyes closed.


You are looking happier and friends will wonder what has changed that has brought a smile to your face. Things are looking good. A job that was not going very well has passed the difficult stage and is unlikely to cause you any problems.


Love is in the air, it does not matter if your partner or someone who is just as special wants to surprise you. You will be happy to join. You have not made any plans and it will be a pleasure to let them make all the choices.


If social issues involve your partner, you will enjoy them even more. Family life offers pleasure and stability. You have never felt so close to someone as you do now. If you are single and looking for love, a friend is making wedding plans and you can meet someone special on this holiday.