Horoscope for April 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 20 by Russell Grant


A friend or colleague seems to have some misconceptions. His impractical approach to a job in which you are working together is pushing you towards distraction. If his suggestions are slowing everything down, you may need to present your ideas with facts.


You have to be careful with anything that is new and that has not been tested. You need to think twice before getting involved in new projects. An unusual proposal will sound nice, but ask for more before you accept it. Trust your intuition if you realize something is wrong.


A close relationship is going through some big changes. It is the partner who is giving you all the power you need. You are waiting for someone else to make a decision that will affect you.


Once you take the first step towards achieving a specific goal, your confidence will begin to build. Decide what you can do to make this dream come true and then work to achieve it. You will soon be on your way to success. If you need extra help or training, you can find this by asking for help from a talented teacher.


You want a very rewarding career. Finding a lucrative job will give you more money. You have a lot of talent and you do not have to rely on a single industry when looking for work. When going to job interviews, make sure you emphasize your communication skills.


Be careful in revealing your plans in front of others. Have enough confidence in your ideas to be able to ignore someone’s comments. What you do not want is for someone to try to block your progress and therefore you want someone you see as a rival not to know what you are thinking.


You do not have to decide on an important issue right away. If someone pushes you to make a decision, they may not consider your interests. Wait until you feel more confident about what you are doing and what you can get involved in before you find an important choice or decision.


Are you concerned about a work-related issue? This is not a big problem, but you think it could be if it will be ignored. It would be worthwhile to talk to an old colleague or someone who is more experienced than you are in your career.


A relationship clash within the home should be handled tactfully. Discussions about money will not be very productive. Working together will be the best way to achieve results. Combining talent with a friend or neighbor can lead to creating a profitable partnership.


People who are new to your workplace or neighborhood find it difficult to adjust. You have not had many opportunities to join them. Whenever you have the opportunity, make some invitations and encourage them to join in community events. Remember to smile when you are in their company.


Total equality is something to be aimed for both at home and at work. Someone you have helped is starting to rely heavily on you. There are other people you need to see and you will feel annoyed when they ask for another favor from you.


If you do not find a way to focus your physical and mental energy, your desire may lead you to extra activities. You really want to be active and productive. Being able to solve a problem that requires smart thinking and creative solutions will make you feel very satisfied.