Horoscope for November 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 20 by Russell Grant


Apply for a job, start a new course or attend an audition. Take the opportunity to try something new. You will excel in anything competitive. This is your chance to reach the career heights you've dreamed of.


You're trying hard not to take a senior colleague's criticism personally. You understand that they are under a lot of pressure and their mood is about work and not about you. But even so, their constant negativity is starting to get you down.


Whatever you choose to do today and the week ahead, you'll have enough energy to see things through. Thanks to your commitment you will get the intended results.

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You can't run away from the truth and if you feel there is something wrong in a relationship, it needs to be addressed. Talk about it. Get your concerns out in the open and together you can find a way to repair any damage.


There will be a lot of rush beforehand, which is why you'll heave a sigh of relief once things get going. In addition to making the most of this very successful day, a spontaneous arrangement will give you a night to remember.


Contact and communication with others will inspire you to make some positive changes. Researching your family history will yield some interesting information about an ancestor's accomplishments. Naturally, you will want to learn more.


After a tense social life and a phase of excessive spending, you will enter a calm phase. In addition to taking this chance to relax, you can also look at ways to get your finances back in order. A colleague will take over some of your tasks. You'll be curious to see what, if any, changes they make.


The more it remains, the more difficult it will be to complete a task. You can always leave some work for someone else to do, but you'd rather get on with it and get it out of the way. Those in high places are impressed by your endurance.


Taking on a challenge involving children or animals will be fun and rewarding. This may make you rethink your career. Your future can be much more fulfilling if it involves work that means you can care for others on a professional or voluntary basis.


You like a challenge and you won't want to turn down a challenge that a friend will set you, even though it will involve a degree of risk. This will pay off big if you keep a positive attitude. A money issue will require attention and the news received will confirm that you are better off than you thought.


This would be a good time to approach your boss to ask for a raise or promotion. If you are self-employed, the rate hike will help you keep the business. People will be willing to pay extra for the unique and superior service you provide.


Your willingness to break free from boring routines will enhance your professional reputation. This is your chance to offer a new product or service. The good news will be related to your career plans. An invitation to a fascinating event is confirmation that you are starting to walk in a new direction.