Horoscope for March 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 20 by Russell Grant


As eager as you are to share your story, there are some things you should keep to yourself. Think carefully about how much you want to reveal to others and what to leave out. Be careful who you trust when sharing thoughts, plans and ideas. Discretion is the way to make progress.


You are ready for a vacation. You deserve some time away from your usual responsibilities and it's time to be kind to yourself. You need peace and relaxation and therefore you will gladly stay in the same place as long as possible, especially if it is a place that makes you feel contented and comfortable.


Ignore any suggestion anyone makes about your methods or opinions being outdated. A jealous rival can see how well you're doing. Even if they have more experience, you have more skills.

The crab

A stubborn friend will not listen to your advice. You know what their reaction will be if they think you're interfering. However, you will be ready to offer some practical and sensible suggestions when they are ready to admit defeat.


More money than usual is being spent on clothes, household items and practical things. It is unlikely that you will regret it. You've been making do with old stuff for a while now. It is time for these to be replaced.


If you're at home waiting to hear news of a proposed moving date, today's events will raise your hopes. Money or support received from an older relative will add to your sense of security. The choices you make about the property will be in your long-term interest.


Only you can know whether or not it's worth the effort to keep some friendships. This will be a challenging time for a certain relationship. If it's important to you, you'll do everything you can to maintain that connection. If it's not, you'll break the connections.


If you've been neglecting your health, it's no wonder you're starting to feel tired and low on energy. Consider starting a fitness regimen. Do not forget to pay attention to your diet. Stick to healthy foods when choosing what to eat.


Getting involved in a new community group will bring you satisfaction, especially if you are taking on a leadership role. You will give this so much of your time that it is not surprising that someone close to you will ask if you forgot that it exists. You may have to think of a way to appease them.


It's not that you don't appreciate the company of others, but you have work that you want to get on with today and you'd rather do it yourself, without any interference from others. Therefore, the more people leave you alone, the happier you will be.


You don't have to think twice about getting an attractive financial or business offer. You have already considered this type of opportunity. Continue forward.


Although it won't be planned or expected, mixing in new circles will open doors that can change your life for the better. The change of circumstances will make you find yourself in a place you have not been before, mixing with people you have never met before.