Horoscope for January 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 20 by Russell Grant


A frustrating episode will make you feel tense and anxious. A situation is becoming intolerable. Give yourself a chance to think before deciding what you want to do next.


You want a loved one to know the difference between being supportive and stifling. You need more space and they need to retreat. You have the determination to face a difficult internal situation. Arrangements will be made with the support of relatives.


Someone will trick you into having to do more than you deserve. You may do this out of kindness, but they will take advantage and the lack of gratitude makes them unworthy of your friendship.

The crab

Even though you told yourself you're going to start making some changes to make life easier, your schedule continues to be busy. Sometimes it feels like you're being pulled in a million different directions. If you need a break, speak up. Ask someone else to take on some of your responsibilities. Leo

You just want life to be free and easy. You want to spend recklessly, indulge in new interests and make new friends. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make life more comfortable for yourself and your family. It's time to act instead of spending time daydreaming.


You are serious about wanting to make changes for the better. You know how this can be achieved, but it may take some time before you are able to put the plan into action.


As much as you hate arguments, they are needed to clear the air. What may surprise you is how people respect your balanced view. When conversations get heated, others will come to you to find optimism. Volunteer for a worthy cause and be a force to achieve the best.


Money is tight. Working yourself to exhaustion is not the answer. The more you want to put in overtime, the more you are on the verge of exhaustion. Your health is important so you should take a break when you need it.


You're not sure you can trust your intuition when it comes to business or financial matters. You feel that your judgment is not as reliable as usual. So pause before spending, investing or taking any kind of financial risk. For now, resist the temptation to steer a platonic relationship into passionate waters.


You can find several ways to save. Take a good look at your expenses, as something is not going right.


New opportunities are coming your way to expand your horizons. Your energy is starting to return and with that comes a desire to have some much needed fun. This is an ideal time to recover and gather strength.


Don't show emotion when you find yourself in front of an obnoxious character. The critical comments of a harsh colleague will disturb and confuse you. It is their envy of your success that is causing them to behave so badly. Carry on as you are.