Horoscope for November 2 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 2 by Russell Grant


There are several decisions to make regarding a career matter. You need to think this through and decide what you want to do before someone else ends up grabbing an opportunity that really should have gone to you.


You and a friend or partner may agree to go your separate ways. This has not been an easy decision and will bring some sadness, but it will also bring closure in itself. You should not be surprised when you feel a wave of emotions. Conclusions can cause some powerful reactions.


The results of an interview, test or examination will exceed your expectations. Treat yourself to a small reward. If you've recently moved house, or started a new job, you'll have more time to look around you and get your bearings.

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You may have to agree to work some overtime in order to get on top of a work project. A colleague whose behavior is and has been irresponsible is starting to rely on you more and more. You are getting tired of having to cover them. It might be time to talk to your boss.


A partner can do well with gentle encouragement when things have not been easy for him. If you are a parent, be sure to give praise where and when it is due. You've been so busy that you may have missed the little things that matter most to your family.


An issue that caused problems earlier in the week has yet to be resolved. There continues to be a difference of opinion between you and a friend or someone you work with. You shouldn't feel like you have to agree with someone in order to please them, especially when they haven't listened to you.


You have had some worries on your mind. You are ready to discuss these with your family. Once your loved ones understand how you feel, they are more likely to be honest and open with you.


With the completion of some commitments, it will be necessary to take a critical look at the future. Getting involved in a volunteer organization will introduce you to a new circle of friends. Accept the opportunity to join someone in a creative exercise that can be a source of joy.


Someone will be hurt by the rumors going around. You will not be happy when you find out that a friend has been cheated. You'll want to minimize the damage, but getting involved can make it look like you're aiding and abetting an ugly betrayal.


An ad on a social media site will get you to read articles and literature on alternative forms of medicine. Before starting expensive treatments, ask friends about their experience in this area. They may have a helpful suggestion or two.


Someone is talking about making changes to a group project. This is something you've been hoping to see for a long time. Don't push or rush anyone into anything, but encourage their interest while you can.


Read through emails and open all letters or you may mistake something that looks like spam but isn't. You are ready to take part in the odd jobs that have been created in the house and garden, but you will not be in the mood to accept a friend's suggestion to start something completely new.