Horoscope for July 2 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for July 2 by Russell Grant


Keep working on your long-term plans. It may take some time, but they will start to take shape. Things are moving forward even if it seems like nothing is happening. An email or text message later today will indicate that new opportunities are coming your way. You should take this as a sign to focus on your goals.


Your hard work and commitment is starting to pay off. Old colleagues will definitely notice your commitment to new ventures. By surrounding yourself with hard-working people, you'll be able to keep progressing toward your goals. It will be to your advantage to have a conversation about work tonight.


You are ready to take the initiative in a matter related to money. Share your thoughts to push common money goals to greater benefit. Avoid conflicts by actively listening to others. Now is a good time to consider upgrading your phone, computer or car.

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Misunderstandings of a senior colleague will quickly be discredited. This can lead to doubts about the credibility in the office. If someone walks away from a project they've invested in, expect some protests. Your support means a lot to them.


Go slow when including family and friends in your future plans. Your ideas may not be welcomed by everyone, especially those who have not had experience in the situation you are entering. Be prepared to clarify your intentions in order to prevent potential disagreements.


In work, studies and family matters, you like to plan in advance. Your natural inclination is to be prepared and organized. People appreciate your help and support. They are willing to help you as well, but once you commit to a task, you will prefer to work independently.


You find yourself with less to do than expected. Take advantage of this opportunity to make up for lost time. You are feeling some unfavorable vibes from a colleague or neighbor. Despite their words, you have a feeling that they are not genuine.


People who admire your skills will shout them out. If you are considering a new job or position, you can lean on a senior official, but only after gently reminding them that you need their support. Remind them of a deadline and how grateful you are for their help.


The respect you show others has a lot to do with the principles and teachings instilled in you by those closest to you during your early years. When you work your way through a challenging relationship, it can help to recognize the influence that your family and their values ​​have had in shaping your perspective.


Small changes in your path can get you where you need to be. Be prepared to let go of anything that no longer serves you or does not align with your current journey. Embrace the new and release what's holding you back to avoid feeling stuck.


Working on a creative idea can lead to a profitable opportunity. An agent or senior colleague is noticing your talents. Turning your creativity into profit will be like a dream come true. Have the confidence to pitch your ideas to a top executive and see what unfolds. Transparency will bring positive attention.


If it's what you really want, a relationship or relationship that ended suddenly or too quickly can be rekindled. It's amazing how easily things can fall into place with the help of someone who knows what they're doing. You are grateful to have so many supportive people in your life.