Horoscope for January 2 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 2 by Russell Grant


The news of a job vacancy will bring hope. You have the qualifications and experience that put you in a good position to win this job. Relocating suddenly will sound like a good idea as it will give you the fresh start you need.


You will not have the necessary time to deal with a family matter. You can either leave it for another time or have someone else solve it for you. Being able to talk about issues that don't seem to go away will be therapeutic.


You are making life more difficult for yourself by analyzing problems. Simple solutions will never be found when you build everything up in your mind until it is too complicated to understand. Break difficulties into simple steps. Take a break when you need it.

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You can always use the word no if you are not happy with the way someone is trying to control a situation. They can make their own choices, but they can't force you to do what you don't want to do. If you are unhappy, sit down mentally. You don't have to participate. Give yourself a chance to decide what you really want.


A canceled meeting will give you the time you need to catch up on work you couldn't finish last year, dead ends. Any help offered is gratefully acknowledged. An email or text message at the end of the day will carry an important message.


An annoying aspect of the day is the way work progresses with stops and starts. You'll feel some tension in the air, and although you won't be sure what it's about, you'll tread carefully. You had hoped to make smooth and steady progress. It will become very clear that this will not happen.


Friends and colleagues will notice a determination in you. When they know you mean business, they will immediately offer to help in any way they can. There is a fair amount of excitement associated with the hard work you are doing.


At last the opportunity has come to act on the plans discussed before Christmas. A degree of secrecy remains necessary as you are aware that if the wrong people get to hear what you are doing, they will object and put obstacles in the way.


Be prepared to make some snap decisions. Opportunity knocks and if you accept an exciting offer or challenge, it should have nice financial consequences. Go with the flow of energy around you. Be flexible and be ready to come up with some imaginative ideas.


Let someone who is upset, angry or disappointed about something solve their own private problems. Even if you want to help, they won't want your interference. You should talk, but wait until this episode is over before you bring up important issues that concern you both.


People are difficult. You may need to use tact, charm and patience to bring them around to your way of thinking. An ambitious plan will hit some roadblocks, but you won't let that stop you. In fact this will only serve as an incentive to make greater efforts on your part.


Someone will offer you a favor, but they will ask you for something in return. If you are asked to convince someone close to you to help them, this request will make you feel uncomfortable. Because of this you will prefer to decline their offer.