Horoscope for June 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 19 by Russell Grant


You seem to be able to sense the moods, feelings and needs of others around you, even people you barely know. You will be surprised how in tune you are with the energy of your environment. Don't miss this chance to improve your closest friendships and relationships.


People will benefit from your kindness. As much as you want to provide ongoing support for a long-term venture, it's not a good idea to take on more commitments. You should be sensible and take precautions to protect your health and well-being.


Give more time to anything that requires imaginative thinking. Creative and artistic ventures are a great way to channel your energy. Give free rein to your imagination and you may discover a talent that has been dormant.

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You have a lot to think about and it can get overwhelming at times. A practical friend will encourage you to focus on what is most important. If you are late, don't let it bother you. Travel delays and trying to find a parking spot will test your patience.


You have been so involved in helping other people achieve their goals that you have lost touch with your own thoughts, feelings, plans and ideas. You just want to be alone and are not interested in hearing gossip.


Any possibility of resolving a rift between you and a relative with whom you had a conflict remains remote. The divide between you is as deep as ever. You want it to be different, but your views and opinions differ significantly and neither of you will back down.


You have the opportunity to change things in a close relationship if that's what you really want. It will be up to you to tell a partner that you are not happy with current plans or circumstances. Your confidence may surprise them, but they'd rather you tell them the truth than live a lie.


You must be serious about your dreams if they are to come true. Believe in your ability to achieve goals. Set goals. Set specific time frames and you will transform ideas into results when you have a well-defined strategy.


The recognition you've been hoping for is finally starting to happen. A respected executive admires your skills and recognizes your potential. They are ready to make you an impressive offer. You may want to update your outfit to look your best if you are called for an interview.


Some radical changes are necessary if a relationship is to improve. An open conversation will allow you to vent your frustration. Your needs are not being met. A partner feels equally misunderstood. You both need to prove that you are listening to each other.


An old colleague is taking more interest in your progress after passing you a job that was too difficult for him to handle. Now you have passed some obstacles and they will offer you to give a helping hand. They will also aim to take credit for your ingenuity.


Talk to a friend you can trust if you have mixed feelings about an online romance. If you're hoping to meet each other but something keeps getting in the way, ask if they're hiding something from you. If they are asking you for money, talk to a friend and keep their objective perspective.