Horoscope for April 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 19 by Russell Grant


You are determined to deal with chores and tasks that you did not have time for at the beginning of the week. Once you start, you'll keep going until it's all over. A good deed you have done for others will reap unexpected rewards this evening.


You and a friend or partner haven't spent much time together lately. If all you want to do is keep them company, don't fight the feeling. Surrender and cram as much time together as possible into your day.


Even if you are doing things you want to do, there are so many questions in your mind. You are not sure where you are going or how certain situations will turn out. All you can do is wait until the fog clears.

The crab

After spending time questioning your life, your feelings, and your relationships, you have begun to accept what is meant to be and move on with it. There is love and support around you. Getting love will also help build bonds of friendship.


You don't feel so helpless anymore. Alternatives are presented that will not only bring you a chance to build your relationships, but also your spiritual awareness. It may not be obvious at first, but healing is happening.


You really wanted to come up with some ideas, but you seem to have run into one obstacle after another. It may seem like you've lost your drive, but keep trying. You will find a way to get past where you are now. There will be new sparks of creativity and you will feel inspired again.


If you're struggling with a difficult task, a fellow practitioner will offer to teach you strategies to help you cope. It will be important, when using sharp tools and machinery, to wear safety equipment. Take your time and be reasonable.


Whether it's at work or at home that others are taking advantage of your hardworking nature, let them know you're not happy. Once you put your foot down and make it clear to others that you can't continue to do the work of two people, they will agree to shoulder their share of the responsibilities.


Whether you're a keen artist or your talents lie in other directions, choose activities, tasks and pastimes that appeal to your imagination. Let your creativity flow and you will not fail to be successful. Believe in your abilities.


Taking on the responsibility of fundraising will not have been an easy decision, but once you start this project, you will remain focused on your goal. Much satisfaction will come from engaging in a task that is highly satisfying.


People will keep giving advice and you won't try to stop them. That said, you'll want to stick with what you've already decided to do and instinctively feel is right for you. By experimenting with new ideas, you can find a way to earn extra money.


A co-worker who has abdicated their responsibilities is back in action. You can't help but notice how they are doing the heavy lifting for obligations that you find quite easy. You can't imagine that they will stay for much longer.