Horoscope for March 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 19 by Russell Grant


Making changes can ultimately restore balance to your life and bring a new stability. That's why you're curious about what others are doing, what plans they're making, and if there's anything new in the pipeline that might interest you, too.


Traffic and technical issues can cause frustration. Most of the satisfaction and happiness will come from mixing with those in your immediate world. It doesn't matter if a short or long trip is planned, you would just rather stay at home.


Should you judge others before trying to get your dramas back on track? As intriguing as a rumor may seem, refrain from spreading rumours.

The crab

Keep life simple. Avoid people who argue about anything and everything. Friends can be a source of confusion. Someone will try to confuse your thoughts with his own thoughtless dreams and schemes. You know it is in your best interest to stick to practical ideas, plans, ways and means. Listen to the advice you give yourself.


A friend or colleague will turn to you for advice about a predicament they've gotten themselves into. It's not easy to take an objective view of their problem when you know there's more to it than they're telling you, or when you have a feeling they're going to ask you to do them a favor.


When in doubt, seek the opinion of someone you can trust. Something you need to hear will be heard and this will allow you to make a good decision. You have blamed circumstances for blocking your progress, when if you look deeper you will see that it is your doubts that have been holding you back.


You didn't expect a relationship to develop romantically. Someone whom you have helped in difficult circumstances has started looking at you with romantic eyes. Since this is not a person you envision spending your long-term future with, you may need to gently withdraw your support.


Normally when you take on a challenge, you won't stop until you achieve results. A job you agreed to do recently seems to have bothered you. If a friend, colleague or neighbor volunteers to help you with this task, immediately accept the offer. As a team you will succeed when in fact you would have failed alone.


A colleague who is going through a difficult time has other things on his mind. This is making them a little careless. You understand what they are going through and instead of calling attention to their mistakes, you will find a way to correct them without making them feel guilty.


Some people don't seem to understand the importance of some of the work you have undertaken. You don't have time to explain. You know your priorities. It may be necessary to encourage a needy friend to be more self-reliant.


A senior colleague is likely to disapprove of every idea you suggest. You know this before you open your mouth. Either wait until the hostility from this person dies down before making any suggestions or better yet, offer your thoughts when they are not around.


You feel determined and inspired to put into action the plans you've been working on lately. That is why your attention is mainly to matters of a personal nature. You are simply not interested in joint activities with others.