Horoscope for January 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 19 by Russell Grant


Someone who is deliberately pushing you is waiting for a reaction. They expect to see bitterness or anger. What will surprise them is the calm way you respond. The offer to do them a favor will completely surprise them. This is your way of not getting drawn into arguments.


You will find it difficult to hide your frustration with an overly emotional relative or neighbor. You've heard the same complaints time and time again, but they won't want it pointed out to them. Cost-cutting measures should be taken after receiving an unexpected bill.


Borrowing money seems to be the only option now. It may seem like there's no other help out there, but before you go further into debt, talk to a charity that offers practical help to people facing financial uncertainty.

The crab

Timing is everything when it comes to shaking up the status quo. You support plans that will be submitted to a higher authority, but if you have a feeling that someone influential will oppose these ideas, keep them on hold for now.


There is much to do in professional or charitable work for which you have taken a leading role. Your satisfaction will be great, as it will seem like a dream come true.


Weird and annoying developments in a team effort will earn you a lot of criticism. An abuse of power makes you see someone in authority with very different eyes. Peers also think the same. By joining forces with like-minded others you will find a compromise to resolve the situation.


You shine when you're having fun. Your happiness enhances your charm and charisma, making you a popular member of the team. Big changes are happening in the social scene. These will please everyone. A happy atmosphere of friendship will be present.


You're working hard and yet you don't seem to be making any progress. If you're self-employed and have made constant efforts to advertise your services, back off a bit. Many small tasks add up to one big responsibility and you are exhausting yourself running from place to place.


A loving relative or neighbor will suggest you get away together soon on a fun-filled weekend getaway. You'll enjoy letting someone else do all the planning.


Take a friend with you on a business trip to make it more enjoyable. Starting a creative project gives you an opportunity to showcase your talent. Praise for a job well done will boost your confidence. An exciting offer will change your future for the better.


Your ability to deal with problems with calmness and authority will earn you the respect and admiration of others who have no idea how to deal with some mess. Sensitive issues are being discussed behind the scenes. A new business alliance is worth pursuing.


Adjustments are necessary and desirable when it becomes clear that a situation is not working. There are other people to consider. A visit to relatives a short distance away will be the result of a spontaneous decision. Conflict between relatives will inspire improvement.