Horoscope for October 18 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 18 by Russell Grant


External commitments will take you away from home and family responsibilities. You will enjoy the part you have to play in community activities even though this means that a family member will have to take on more responsibility than usual. Let them know that you appreciate their cooperation and promise that the situation will be temporary.


Trying to keep up with people who have no energy is exhausting. Make the most of this opportunity to choose solitary activities. Someone may complain that they expected more from you, but you cannot force yourself to do something when you are unable to do it.


The more hopeful you are, the more likely everything will turn out well. Ignore people who try to put doubts in your mind. Instead, trust your gut feeling that things will work out as planned. Let your optimism inspire others, not the other way around.

The crab

Someone has deliberately deceived you. Just because this situation involves more people than just the two of you, you'll feel compelled to move on. However, you will make sure that this person gets what they deserve, in a second.


Requests from someone who seems to need you will prevent you from continuing with the tasks you had hoped to complete today. Once you get other people out of the way, working behind the scenes will allow you to avoid further distractions.


There will be the odd moment when you might wish life wasn't so challenging, hectic and demanding. Most of the time you will admit that you are really enjoying whatever is taking up your time. Something someone says to you can cause a degree of discomfort. Wait until you get more information before you give in to worry.


Some people are pushing for a group of you to get on the fast track to achieve a common goal. Others will not want to move quickly. Calls for speed are based on a real need to move things. The talks will lead to an agreement to continue, but only when the right conditions are met.


Starting a community beautification project will have a positive response. It doesn't matter if this is politically motivated, a local issue or something wider, what matters is that people will come together to bring about improvements in your world.


Some people like to talk. You would prefer to continue working. Instead of spending so much time arguing, you can decide to proceed quietly and discreetly. You may love your job, but you are under daily pressure to deliver results. You just don't have time to wait for other people to decide what they want to do.


Be patient with yourself as you get used to new routines and be willing to try different ideas. Someone will come up with a creative solution to some problem. This will likely require you to change the way you work to adapt to the new conditions.


A matter is being taken very seriously and it will be important not to taint the proceedings by making people reveal details too quickly. Investigations will have to be suspended until the information has been evaluated by those higher up in the hierarchy.


You don't have to continue with plans already made. If you lack energy, let others know you're not in the mood. Give friends a choice to postpone deals further, or to continue without you. Confusion can be avoided when you are honest and direct about your feelings.