Horoscope for October 18 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 18 by Russell Grant


Work and other responsibilities are preventing you from paying attention to a personal relationship. Someone at home is getting tired of your excuses for not being able to be near them. Something today will make you stop before you make an impulsive move. You will do well to think before you take action.


Nothing seems to be going well for you and because you are trying to get organized, other people tend to hinder you. The patience you usually have is nowhere to be found. As you feel anxious and impatient, try to get out. A change of environment will do you good.


You were planning to start new projects, but the opposition you had not expected would make it difficult to get things moving. Be patient with an older colleague or relative who seems to be careless and clumsy.


Someone at home is going through a happy phase and after all the hardships they have gone through, you are really happy for them. It is good to see that everything they are doing now has turned out to be positive. Feel relieved when you find yourself putting the final touches on a home-related project.


In matters you do not understand, it would not do any harm to ask more questions. Do not think that this makes you look stupid. If you have any concerns about money, business or legal issues, seek the advice of a professional. A colleague will not want to continue the work already started. You want to get them out of the way.


You are ready to start a project that you have been planning to do for a long time. Once you start, you will have little space in the coming days to focus on this new venture. You are feeling energetic physically and mentally and because you have thought a lot about it, you are sure that nothing will go wrong.


You will return to your usual routine after you have resolved a confusing issue. A bunch of neglected chores will make you nervous. You need to contact someone soon, but you are postponing this because you are not sure how they will get what you have to say.


You are waiting for a text message or email that will contain some important information. You have been told that someone will be in touch with you today and until you hear from them, you will be anxious. Keeping a deal done in the past will boost your professional reputation.


Whether you are married or single, your love life seems to have been a bit unpredictable. You and someone you have always been close to are not having as good a time as usual. Try not to worry. This situation is only temporary. Your social life is also going through some changes as you get the chance to try something new.


You have a chance to make some pretty serious changes in your life. Working from home is becoming a long-term option and you have some serious decisions to make. With a lifestyle change, this is your chance to start looking at home as an area in which you have always wanted to live.


Morning humor will spread to the rest of the day. You also have to work. Your boss wants to see concrete results. You will be amazed at the progress you make once you start.


An opportunity will make you smile, your happiness will be contagious. In addition you feel generous and the chance to make a friend a favor will satisfy them. If you are single romance can be found in an academic setting. Relationships are fun, joyful and stimulating.