Horoscope for June 18 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 18 by Russell Grant


You cannot turn back time even if you wish you had resolved a family matter earlier. This could have saved you from having to go through the tension and stress that you are experiencing now. Now you have to face the consequences of a relative's irresponsible actions; you have no other choice.


It will be your job to make a team look on the bright side. The lack of support coming from those in high positions will worry you. Offer plenty of praise where it's due. Be aware of your tone if you are giving constructive instructions.


You worry about things that may never happen and this is a waste of mental energy. A financial or legal issue has been causing you sleepless nights. Cut up your credit cards and arrange new payment plans. There are several ways to take control of the situation. Talk to a professional.

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Senior colleagues are aware and appreciate your talents. You are ready to take credit for your contributions to a group effort. Personal hopes are coming to fruition. Don't be surprised if you are offered a promotion. Some new and interesting people will come into your life.


Before you sign your name to anything, do some private research and find out more. It makes sense to stop and think about this before accepting an offer to invest your savings. Can you really trust people promoting the potential of a new scheme?


A situation is not as dire as you might think. You're spending a lot of time worrying about how awful a test, or date, is going to be. What you need to do is stay calm and positive. Although you are going through a difficult phase, it is also a progressive phase. You are moving in the right direction.


Take your concerns to a superior if you think a colleague is taking unfair advantage of a policy meant to benefit all of you. If you think something is wrong or right, fight for what you believe in.


Any doubts you have about the new arrangements or the changes taking place will be rooted in an old frustration. Times have changed. You are not repeating the mistakes of the past. Believe in the positive potential of the new path that awaits you.


It is important to look after your own interests. Trust your instincts if you feel you should refrain from engaging in events that would normally seem appealing. Someone is making you suspicious or an offer doesn't seem fair to you. You should find out more.


You don't often see yourself as very imaginative. To prove that you can be creative when you want to be, you need to get away from the everyday. Why not return to a hobby or creative activity that you abandoned some time ago? Your imaginal impulses will come again.


You now understand why a responsible person asked you to take on a team effort. Their instructions are unclear and you are as unclear as they are about what is expected of you and your team. It is clear now that this is why they delegated the task to you.


Dealing with issues caused by a friend, neighbor or relative who is stuck in their ways is torture. Their stubborn attitude and inattentive behavior is not making life easy for you, especially when people look to you to help solve difficulties. Have you taken on more than you can handle?