Horoscope for April 18 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 18 by Russell Grant


Avoid people who are too quick to offer you unsolicited advice and opinions. You need some privacy and some time alone with your thoughts. It may seem like you won't achieve anything, but you will find a way. You have the strength and ability to achieve your dreams.


You may seem like someone who is generally calm. When the occasion calls for it, you can be stubborn and determined. If someone pushes you too far, they will see another side of you. Refrain from reacting until you have all the facts.


Being able to help family and friends fills you with happiness. When you put energy into a team effort, you thrive. It doesn't matter if you need to put your obligations to others before your own desires. Right now, what's important to you is that you're helping to make people happy.

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New friends are found in unexpected places. They will bring some happiness and warmth into your life. You have overcome some difficulties and it will be good to get out and socialize again and feel included.


If money problems have weighed heavily on your mind, discussions within the family will enable you to see them in a better light. Either things are not as bad or as difficult to resolve as you may have first thought, or steps will be taken to help you get back on track, financially.


The enthusiasm you felt when you first started a project has faded. You knew it would be a lot of hard work to achieve this goal, but you didn't expect it to be this hard. Instead of fighting, talk to a creative friend who can come up with a clever solution to the problem.


You may need to start your day early for a business trip. Although the event itself may not be as exciting or stimulating as you had anticipated, you will enjoy the journey to get there. Are you single? You may find love in a faraway destination.


Starting a group or community project will seem like a good use of your time. There is a lively mood around you that will prompt you to spend more time than usual with friends and relatives.


A partner or family member will want to share their good fortune with you. A friend is grateful for the kindness you've shown them recently and needs you to know how grateful they are to have you as a friend. An invitation to a wonderful social event cannot be turned down.


Legal, financial and tax issues that you might prefer to ignore can be dealt with surprisingly quickly. Spend some time today focusing on every detail of this issue. You will navigate through what you expect to be an uphill battle.


Your financial situation or money sharing arrangements are showing signs of improvement. This will have a positive impact on your family life. If you've been considering buying or replacing old appliances, now is a good time to do so.


A few small strokes of luck will be unexpected but very welcome, making this a happier time for you. The irritations of the recent past will begin to melt away. You don't have to be so careful when you're with people you can trust. A meeting with friends will make you feel extremely satisfied.