Horoscope for January 18 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 18 by Russell Grant


It is easy for you to see multiple sides of an issue. Because of this, people will turn to you to help resolve social and workplace conflicts. Events will give you a chance to break free from a relationship that has made you feel restricted, and you can do so without worry or argument.


You feel guilty that you can't spend more quality time with loved ones, but work and other responsibilities are getting in the way. News from abroad will inspire someone close to you to start planning a party. This will provide the ideal solution to your problem.


You will make some strong decisions about the future and this will lead to giving someone an ultimatum. You are serious about what you set out to do, and it won't be long before others start to realize that.

The crab

Jobs must be done, commitments cannot be ignored, and you cannot let people down when they rely on you. At the same time all of the above are leaving you exhausted. If you can get someone else to take on some of your responsibilities, temporarily, it would give you a chance to recharge your batteries.


Expect the unexpected at home and family. A relative will behave in a way that you would not expect from them. At least the behavior of a person you can control will be yours. An offer will include a financial bonus if you take it, but with it comes a lot of extra responsibility.


You will enjoy the challenges ahead provided the pressure does not become too unbearable and life does not become too chaotic. You'll remember something you planned to do at the end of last year but didn't get around to.


It's time to extend an olive branch. An honest discussion will foster greater harmony in close relationships. A friend or relative will invite you to accompany him on a trip. Accept this offer with enthusiasm and you will both have a great time.


Choose a course of action and go after what you want. Taking on a new assignment will push you into unfamiliar areas of experience. Your determined attitude will attract people who admire your energy and drive. Don't hesitate to join forces with like-minded others. You will both benefit from this partnership.


If you've been thinking about taking a vacation now is a good time to discuss the possibility with your partner and other family members. Make sure everyone is available at the same time before making a reservation. You don't want anyone to feel left out.


A new friend or partner has extravagant tastes. If they're hinting at an expensive gift or that you spend money on a party you can't afford, politely decline their suggestion. You will always be there for your nearest and dearest, but when it comes to money, you can only give advice, but not money.


Your private and professional life should be kept strictly separate. An all-round approach will lead you to a business partnership, while a close relationship will benefit from following your usual routines. Someone close feels insecure.


A quick decision will be needed in a situation that surprises you. You may find yourself agreeing to take a short trip even though it wasn't in your plan. Be sure to send a quick message to anyone who might miss your presence later to let them know what's going on.