Horoscope for March 17 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 17 by Russell Grant


Get ready for a lively and communicative day. If people aren't driving to your door, expect them to receive a flood of messages and communications online. Be familiar with emails and phone calls. Intuition seems to play an important role in how you answer certain questions.


Someone will once again try to talk you out of decisions you've already made. You have given this much thought and considered the matter knowing that you are making the right choices. For this reason you will not be persuaded to change your mind.


Your boss is impressed by your recent efforts. Your dedication to achieving certain goals is now beginning to pay off. Don't be surprised if you are initially rejected for a position that means more responsibility and higher pay.

The crab

Joining forces with a creative friend to monetize an artistic endeavor will bring you both great satisfaction. This can be a profitable venture. Music and all kinds of creative hobbies will add a magical glow to your day.


People don't understand why you changed your mind. You feel embarrassed that you have to admit this, but explaining why it will just be a waste of energy. The feedback received will only make you feel more guilty. It would be better to have your say and leave.


Attending a multicultural event will make you yearn for a more spiritual and creative way of life. Happiness and contentment are directly related to your personal development. Whether it's meditation, prayer, reading or healing, it's time to take care of your spiritual needs.


A project you've spent a lot of time on is starting to fall apart. Don't let impatience get the better of you. Instead of getting angry, ask for help and find ways to fix it. If you are ready to take a closer look, you will see that things are not what they seem.


It's never easy to take a step back and watch someone close to you make what you think will be a huge mistake. They won't want to listen. You think it's all a joke when they've tried something similar before and failed.


A group splits into two over a particular issue. You feel sad because people who believed in some leaders now feel deeply frustrated. Confidence in senior leadership has been lost. It could have been very different, but everything is forgotten again.


With people who are so kind and friendly, you will find it extremely easy to express your thoughts and feelings. A golden glow surrounds a close relationship. This will spread to social and even business events. Positive feedback about your creative ideas will inspire you to try something new and different.


Do your best not to go to extremes in financial matters. You can do this by refusing to spend a penny even when something worthwhile comes your way.


A desire to further your ambitions and expand your interests will keep you in check. You want to advance your lifestyle and if you have a clear idea of ​​the direction you should take, you will soon make a change in your life.