Horoscope for January 17 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 17 by Russell Grant


You like the challenge of starting something new, but it's not so easy to stick with it to the end. You don't always think of plans. A practical friend will make some sensible suggestions on how to stay motivated in order to finish what you started.


An excitement will tempt you to drop what you're doing to head off in any direction that takes you somewhere you haven't been before (not just country). It would be better to stay where you are, in what you know, than rush into the unknown.


If you're not happy with your job, look around for other options. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep family, friends and colleagues happy. For now you will go with what is expected of you, but you intend to make some changes.

The crab

A trusted friend will bring something to your attention that you didn't know before. You'll give them full marks for being subtle, and you'll be glad that you now know what's behind a certain situation, and you'll want to consider your feelings about it more carefully.


Combined with the maturity of time, you are alert and bright. This will make you want to move forward with new business and financial plans. If everything goes as expected, you will make your money work for you.


A remarkable achievement will inspire all who know you. This will be one of those amazing experiences that you wouldn't want to miss. You will have truly enjoyed every step of the way and may already be planning a repeat.


You don't mind taking on the responsibilities of a relative for a short time. If it helps them, you will willingly do so. You will feel welcome wherever you go. People appreciate your kindness, and someone having a terrible day will appreciate your company.


A team you are involved in seems to be going nowhere. Apart from the search for a new permanent manager, morale is low. You're wasting your time and energy trying to support a band that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. A frustrating situation will make you reevaluate your priorities.


You are looking up, but perhaps too high. Are some goals currently out of your reach? If you realize that it will not be possible to achieve a current goal, be ready to lower your sights and set a more realistic goal.


You've been looking for ways to save money, but you can't do it yourself. Be prepared to meet with your partner or family members to discuss your financial situation. Together you will find a way to cut costs without having too much of an impact on your standard of living.


If you have to go to work, you may feel inclined to take a day off or at least choose less demanding tasks for the day. Ideally you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to others if everything is becoming too much for you.


There's no point trying too hard if something you're working on doesn't work. It may seem like a good idea to take on a difficult challenge, but if it starts to annoy, irritate, or frustrate you, don't feel guilty about letting someone else take over your work.