Horoscope for October 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 16 by Russell Grant


You have been up and down emotionally and it has been difficult to decide on anything important. Talk about what's bothering you with your partner or a relative. You will be encouraged to make plans that will make your future look more secure.


A meeting, discussion or interview will make you feel insecure. You won't be sure about the implications made about some future changes and whether they will actually happen. Your assessment of how things went may be very off the mark. You've made a better impression than you think.


A job move you are considering should be considered further before making a final choice. It may seem like taking advantage of this opportunity is best for you, but there are reasons that make you hesitate.

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You're not making time for yourself when your family and friends seem to constantly need you. Their constant text messages distract you. They can easily find answers to the questions they are asking without involving you. Besides, sitting awake is starting to take a toll on your health.


Getting help means you get the job done faster. This will also give you some time to start preparing for a project you are excited to start. You want to make it perfect and that means having everything planned and ready in advance.


You have always had a strong connection with animals and spending time with them. Discussions with spiritual friends will spark an interest in alternative therapies. Look carefully at everything involved before going any further.


Some people will be disappointed, but you'll manage to at least be happy with how things turned out. Something is so important to you that you are determined to take care of your own interests.


Some people won't take no for an answer. You feel compelled to join other people's plans. Working with a large team can be exhausting. You are tired of changing your methods to suit different styles and preferences.


Some people are not taking their responsibilities very seriously. A group or community project is not working as expected. The outburst of someone's jealousy will make you rethink some commitments.


You're wondering how you're going to fit into things. The sooner you start, the better. You should be satisfied with the progress made. Take things easy, if you can, starting this evening.


There is too much noise, too many demands from others that are not letting you think and act. You can take some time to yourself to gather your thoughts. Get the facts if you're confused by any legal red tape.


You don't like to be the center of attention, but you have information or knowledge that others seem to need at the moment. An idea that someone close to you is giving you will open up new opportunities.