Horoscope for February 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 16 by Russell Grant


No matter how boring they may be, it's time to tackle those dreary tasks you've been trying to avoid. Ignoring them means you're letting other people down when they rely on you to carry out these responsibilities.


Be diligent in all things financial. Are the insurance policies up to date? Be careful with a contract that you can sign or renew.


A new friend always seems to have something to complain about. This means that even when you are happy, they manage to numb your happiness. You're starting to wonder if this is how it's always going to be when you get together, and if maybe this friendship isn't right for you.

The crab

You're not seeing your partner much these days. Plan something special for the two of you to enjoy with each other on the weekend. Are you single? Go out on a date. It is practically impossible to resist your charm.


The arguments are causing a great deal of anger and although senior colleagues will insist that they are looking into the matter, you get the feeling that nothing will be done about it. Workplace conflict is divisive.


Want to think more about recent events. People are loud in their opinions. You want to consider how you feel about it all. You're looking at both ends of the spectrum: things that happen here and now, the consequences are long-term.


A group of friends are planning to meet today. They would like you to go. Helping out at a charity group or event means that at least for a short time, you will be able to forget all about a problem that has been on your mind lately.


There are many people around you, but when you look around, it feels like you have no one you can really talk to. Relatives are more interested in rumors than in what is actually happening before their eyes. You are more concerned about a private matter.


Feel that a colleague is not telling you everything. Their lips say one thing, their attitude something very different. Someone knows exactly what's going on, but even if you ask, they won't want to reveal too much information.


You can't explain why you are reluctant to go ahead with a long-term venture. Something is holding you back, and although this will annoy others, your intuitive responses can be trusted. If they move on without you, you'll find out why.


You can't fix other people's problems, even though friends and family seem to expect you to be able to. You are tired of giving up everything every time they need your help. Some people are taking advantage of your good nature and your time is simply not yours anymore. Saying no is a solution.


You'll be glad you took on a task you've never done before. This won't be like the hard work you first expected. Friends love your company, but you will prioritize work and family commitments.