Horoscope for November 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 16 by Russell Grant


You don't want to get into a fight between two friends or colleagues. Each side blames the other for everything that's going on, and each will expect you to take their side. You don't want to conflict with either. Keep your thoughts to yourself.


You understand people who are cautious since you share the same traits yourself, but when a friend is so slow to initiate joint plans, they can be left behind. You may wonder if they are really involved here.


A friend or partner should think twice before going against you in a certain situation. Although you don't need other people to stand by you when you are capable enough to defend yourself.

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Don't prioritize other people's needs when it means putting your own desires aside. Fulfill those promises you made to yourself by doing something for yourself. Put your needs first. Be your own best friend.


If you get an offer that really appeals to you, don't let it slip away. It may sound too good to be true, but this is going to be serious and could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Do as much as you can.


Communications and discussions may include your goals for the future. Taking a new direction will bring more profits than losses. There is some worry about a younger relative when you may feel it is necessary to remove them because a situation, or someone, is not affecting them for the best.


You're not sure you're the right person to give advice when someone asks for help on how to organize the chaotic state their world has fallen into. You can consider your messy lifestyle and together you will agree on some ways to get your life back in order.


You're not the only one who feels disappointed with the results of a team effort. You may think you wasted a lot of time, energy and resources on this project, but other people have fared much worse. It's time to cut your losses.


There is talk of upcoming changes or possible layoffs in the workplace. This will make you insecure. Information is revealed that will surprise you and make you wonder how much of it is true. Evening activities will tie in with the day's events.


It's not much fun to be constantly at odds with someone who likes to get their own way all the time. Arguments and disagreements exhaust you emotionally. If you can't agree on a compromise, be prepared to walk away.


At the center of the serious talks will be finances. The legal issues will move slowly and you look forward to the day when you can put it all behind you. You will make a good judgment based on what you are told about a complicated situation.


You may wonder if a friend can read your mind. Support for a job you're struggling with will come just when you need it. You attract the abundance you want by maintaining an attitude of gratitude.