Horoscope for October 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 15 by Russell Grant


Persist to move forward. You don't usually give up very easily, and if you do today, you may miss out on other opportunities. Give yourself a chance to get used to new situations before deciding whether or not you're a good fit for them. You may have to constantly adjust to a loved one's mood swings.


If you want a favorable answer to a question about love, pay more attention to your closest relationships. If you haven't spent much time together, you know how to fix this. A trip to the sea or the countryside will be therapeutic and help you relax.


New offers and options will make your life more interesting. Some careful planning in the past will make the jobs you're working on now easier than expected. You'll have a great time and you'll be glad you took the time to prepare well.

The crab

You're waiting to hear what someone else has decided. Their decisions will have long-term consequences and you will feel anxious. However, once you've had a chance to get used to new ideas, you'll be surprised at how exciting the future is starting to look.


You have always been generous and true friends appreciate this side of your nature. It is a person who has started to take advantage of your kindness. This is someone whose friendship you can do without. In the workplace, you will be the one who will take the initiative and get things done.


If you hear about an exciting fundraising event being organized, be sure to show your immediate interest. A dream will come true for you when you are offered a leadership role in a community effort. When it comes to deciding what to do next, you can feel spoiled.


Volunteer to help with a charity cause if you feel lonely. One way to make new friends is to get out into your community. If you are looking for romance, an unexpected and eventful romantic phase will begin. You won't be disappointed.


If you have been keeping something secret, you will be offered a perfect chance to discuss it now. You will quickly find out what your loved ones have been hiding. They will be as relieved as you are that you can now be honest with each other.


If you are offered a place on a training course, don't look at your ass. You're never too old to learn. If you go grocery shopping, at least eat a snack beforehand.


Someone has deliberately deceived you. They have not told you all the facts and this has led to a huge misunderstanding. The launch of a particular project will be delayed. Use your intuition to read between the lines.


There's a lot you could be missing out on if you give in to the temptation to withdraw from the world. Keep working if others expect you to. Take on a challenge that gives you a chance to use skills that have been rusty. With a little practice, you'll be as proficient as ever.


You can relax because you know that the people you are spending time with are the ones you can talk to very easily. Instead of closing in on yourself, you find it easier to direct your energy outwards and actively pursue social opportunities.