Horoscope for October 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 15 by Russell Grant


You prefer to be independent and learn from your mistakes, but you can also learn by working together with another. Fight the temptation to do everything yourself, because it will be a joint effort that will bring you more success and pleasure. Teamwork always has results.


A promise of advice or financial assistance will not be fulfilled. It may be delayed or it may be someone you relied on and who has moved elsewhere. Anger will not solve anything, but you can see that there are other possibilities by taking another look at the situation.


Someone in the family has a lot of demands. To think of their whims is to waste a lot of time and lag behind. No matter how close someone is to you, they need to understand that you need them too. The solution to this problem is to start moving beyond your current situation.


Your ideas will earn the respect and admiration of someone you hoped to impress. The only thing that bothers you now is a relative who stubbornly insists on adhering to family structures and procedures. Sometimes you have to overcome obstacles and do what is right for you.


A decision you will make will have long-term consequences. You have a strong desire to head in a new direction. This will upset someone close who wants to keep everything as it is now. You may have grown out of this relationship.


Reaching the end of a project will make you feel relieved. This has been a long journey. You have put a lot of time and effort into it and now that it is almost over, you are not sure about what you want to do next. There will be opportunities along the way, but for now, stop and reflect on your situation.


Balance and harmony are what you live for and it will be a challenge to bring balance to a troubled situation and if anyone can do it, it will be you. Someone thinks he has been wronged and wants revenge. You must intervene and encourage everyone to work together in a spirit of harmony.


You have never been quick to trust someone you do not know very well. You have learned from experience that trust must be gained. Even so, are you not putting up walls and preventing someone from approaching you? If a friend or partner wants to know more about you, you should give them a chance.


It is important for you to do a perfect job of whatever you undertake. This will not be easy if you lack the skills or experience. Do not be afraid to accept this, because by following someone else's leadership you can achieve a lot. It will also be fun, to get into a challenge with the help of a professional.


You tend to expect the worst when you need to have more confidence in yourself. The change can be positive. A shift or movement at work will make you get out of the routine and insist on doing your own thing.


When the same problems appear in the workplace over and over again, it should be clear that you are not solving them properly. Although there is unlikely to be an immediate solution, there is a way to deal with them once and for all and this may involve the help of an official.


One way to make your work more interesting is to share ideas with colleagues. You may be amazed at how creative other people are and together you can improve things that have started to get tedious and boring.