Horoscope for September 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 15 by Russell Grant


At work, legal and financial matters, thought will prove more useful than action. In other words, think and then act. In a problem you will encounter today you will benefit from some updated ideas and information. Someone will want to know details about the delay you expect to occur.


You can not take some worries out of your mind. Talk about your concerns with a practical friend and you may find that the answer to your problem has always been there. The thoughts of a colleague or relative may seem irrelevant to what is happening, but something they say will make a lot of sense later.


Most people around you will share the same thoughts with you. You need more information before making an important decision. Anyone can help you do that. If you have knowledge that would be useful to a friend, you will be happy to share it.


Dress nicely in an interview or business meeting that you are nervous about and people will not realize how stressed you are feeling. When you know you look good, you also know that you are giving the right impression. It's a great day at which what will happen can change your life.


An offer made to you by an old friend or someone you worked with will surprise you. This will sound like an opportunity not to be missed, but you will need to think more. Until you know how you really feel about it and what you want to do, you will want to keep this offer to yourself.


Your focus is on a personal goal and you do not want to be distracted. A friend is celebrating something special. No matter how happy you are for them, you just do not have much desire to talk. A new development in financial matters may require a discussion of a completely different nature.


You will finally have more time for rest and reflection. Do not miss this just to accept a challenge. Do not be under pressure. Stay in your usual routine to avoid collisions in cramps associated with strangers.


Someone in the family will give you bad news, which will be disturbing and disappointing. You will feel upset that you were not told before and you could have avoided some problems. More attention will be paid to the ideas you have for improving a project at work.


Chaos at work will have to do with the carelessness of a colleague. This will not be something you can not face, but you should let them know that you are upset with their behavior. Once you have expressed your opinion, it would be a good idea to start putting things in the right place.


Feel free to follow the feelings that have so far been buried deep in your heart. It is easier to open up to someone you trust and care about. A relative has something to celebrate and is ready for the holiday. In an ideal world this would be a big case, but even a small organization would be meaningful.


Take your time to decide how you can approach a complex problem. Consider similar experiences in the past. How did these work? Where did you go wrong? What went well? Your career interests may increase when a suggestion made by your boss may put you on a new path.


You tend to do everything for the sake of harmony, but are you trying too hard to please other people and forgetting yourself? If friends are making it a habit to take advantage of your good nature, it's time for them to realize that your needs are also important.